Mahindra XUV500 crossover launched in India

Mahindra XUV500 crossover launched in India

Mahindra, a leading Indian automaker prominent only in the Indian automotive scene, is probably one of the rarest of brands in the Middle East. Despite attempting to compete with the automotive giants by launching models, like the Scorpio that has won several accolades in India, Mahindra’s failure in the international scene was miserable and inevitable, largely due to the outrageous quality issues, dated styling and horrendous driving experiences. However, Mahindra has now seemingly realised their blooper and gained some sense, apparent from the launch of their all-new visually-stunning XUV500 (read as “5-double-oh”) crossover.

The XUV500 is Mahindra’s latest effort to counter the ever-increasing competition and meet the growing expectations of the consumers. Built on an in-house unibody platform which will serve the company’s future products as well, the XUV500 boasts a very attractive design. The XUV500 is powered by Mahindra’s mhawk140 2.2-litre direct-injection turbocharged diesel engine, mated to a 6-speed manual transmission and putting out 140 hp and a massive 330 Nm of torque. There are no petrol engines or automatic gearboxes offered at the moment.

The impressive feature list of the XUV500 makes it the first in-house developed Indian automobile to sport so many options typically found only in the renowned brands. Features include bending projection headlamps, LED parking lights, twin exhausts, all-wheel-drive, cooler box, two-tone leather interior, automatic a/c, mood lighting, voice command-activated control centre, advanced infotainment system featuring a six-inch colour touchscreen, navigation and iPod compatibility, Bluetooth, seven seats with flat-folding second and third row seats, power tailgate, electrically-folding power mirrors, steering controls, auto headlights, rain-sensing wipers, front, side and curtain airbags, ABS with EBD, stability control, hill hold and hill descent control, and much more.

There is no word on whether the Mahindra XUV500 is destined to reach the UAE, Saudi Arabia and few other GCC markets where Mahindra had dared to launch the disastrous Scorpio. However, if it does foray into the shores of the GCC with a reasonable gasoline engine, automatic transmission and a generous price tag, we shall witness a product from Mahindra’s stable that is finally fit for some competition.

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  1. It has a reasonable price of 12,00,000RS.

  2. ugly as it sounds

  3. Finally a decent choice for those Indians who want to buy Indian !

    I agree with Vivek, decent petrol engines and this might just become a seller in the GCC !

  4. front is like hyundai tucson……and rear is like suzuki van

  5. we should buy of two these… one for use and one for spares…


    • they do have bad history with interior fit and finish, and refinement – and only that! Reliability is stellar and these things run perfectly without losing a beat at any point, in some of the harshest of road conditions. Agreed, Toyota does a better job here nevertheless; but where is Toyota and where is Mahindra. For a company that is only in progressing stages, they are not bad.

    • To me this is better than the lunch box Prius in design.

  6. Guys with bad remarks should look into their backyard what they are producing…Jai Hind

  7. it looks like a Suzuki xl-7

  8. Indian cars for the Indian market are meant to endure harsh roads and driving conditions.. So if these cars run well in India they should run well anywhere..

    Though I doubt its refinement is on standard the car still does the job..

  9. An excellent car, at an excellent price!! For the ignorant haters, I hope ur from the 4 main automotive countries, otherwise im not sure if u even have an automotive brand of your own, and how much better it is if you do!! India also has TATA, which owns Jaguar and Land Rover, and is a giant in the heavy vehicle industry. Mahindra is a new company in relative terms, and they are improving at an amazing rate, I wont be surprized if they can compete nicely in the world in the next 5-7 years. The refinement of this car, although can not be compared to german or japanese standards, it is still very decent, but at the price and with such options, i would buy this anyday over an unjustifiably overpriced corolla or the likes. Yes !! In india cars cost more than twice as much, so a corolla also costs more than 100k dirhams in india. Hence, the small car industry. Jai Hind !

  10. Mahindra have limited sales in Egypt as well, and my message to Indians is ignore bad remarks,they used to mock the early Japanese and Korean cars but look how well they are doing now and the mockers produce nothing.

  11. Can we keep the patriotism out of this please. Thanks!!

    A huge improvement over the older models especially in the options list though I’m not keen on the exterior design. That front grill isn’t helping either (which I know is their trademark). The interior on the other hand looks like a nice place to be. Would be interesting to see it for real…I wonder if they’ll show it at the Dubai Motor show…

  12. Hi,

    M&M has received about 27000 bookings within 10 days and they had to close the bookings as of now.

    Heard of that before?????

  13. I have never seen a Mahindra on the roads at all in here, and they do not have a dealer in the GCC except the UAE. I think they need better marketing, since the Indians commenting here are saying that they are producing good cars.

    Anyway I am proud of the Indians …

  14. Guys, about refinement, auto reviewers actually praised its refinement and that too the diesel version. You guys have any idea how the diesel toyota innova sounds. Yup ! It sounds like that Mitsubishi Fuso van !!!

    • Innova diesel doesn’t sound so loud n bad…considering the refinement part, they are ahead..the newer Mahindras and Tatas r giving them some good competition these days though…Xylo, Safari Dicor n Aria are good examples of improvements

    • No pal. Toyota’s diesel is quiet. Quieter than most of its competitors. But innova’s diesel engine lacks torque for indian style overtaking and for going uphills.

      I have been in Toyota coaster in here and it won’t sound like other diesels. Only the turbo spool can be heard. And the latest land cruiser’s twin turbo diesel is real badass. Especially in automatic. But its not affordable in india.

    • @vivek – Talking about the Aria, don’t you think you should have posted about it first ?

  15. Some people have such a hyper sensitive tale here….”

    The real litmus test is if gulf buyers…. Ok Indian residents will buy it…pad mini premier has been here before and so has this vehicle earlier model. Both flopped miserably.

    This vehicle has to really prove its self….

    • Ok Lets get the facts right, This is a completely new car, following a new design and architecture. Till now mahindra was only offering the scorpio here, which is a very old and completely different car, which was not upto standards, they have improved their game with this new car. It will still take them some more effort to be competetive with the japs but they are heading in the correct direction, kinda like hyundai/kia about 10 years back.Mentioning the vintage and crappy padmini as an indian offering is like taking the Morris marina as the example for british automotive capability. 😛

  16. Not saying that this is a good or bad car but man these forums are dominated by chest-thumping Indians. Give it a rest guys, talk about the car. This is DRIVEArabia, not IndianPrideArabia.

  17. @Aditya

    Here is problem, lets us say for the sake of arguement even if Mahindra produces a decent SUV it doesnt mean it will sell here…

    take the subaru forrester. It perhaps one of the best medium sized SUV around. i test drove it was better than the CRV & RAV and the KIA sportage (which i currently own) in all respects. And i will still say the forester is better than all of them. it was price AED 85k only 15k than the kia sportage. Motortrend and other good car magzines also highly rate the forrester


    nobody buys it….


    so this indian made vehicle has alot to prove and even if it does it doesnt mean Gulf buyers will buy it.

    • @Prado : I agree. Firstly i’m not trying to argue here, and secondly my comments were merely meant to share some facts and to shed some light on the indian car industry, so that some perceptions based on incorrect facts can be reconsidered.

      @Jamal: Attacks have to be defended! The indian comments here are only aimed at defending against very direct and negative comments. Indeed it is not the place for such comments, although all of them were still focused on the car. If we do not wish to have these type of discussions/arguments here, it is imperative to moderate against negative and biased comments pointed at any particular community. Since on this site we enjoy a culture of listening and respecting all opinions.Both sides must be entertained. Although sometimes you encounter ‘intellectuals’ like ‘provost’, which are better ignored. 😉

  18. Oh dear

    another transport joke….from india

    • Transport joke, well they are building full scale heavy industries in this country and they have a democracy..

      Im proud to see how India is growing more and more into a super-power.. Plus the fact, the middle class is growing bigger and bigger there which is a proper sign of prosperity.. Even though Im not Indian, its worth noting..

      I feel ashamed seeing how arabs are nothing but a bunch of “no-bodys” obessed with hate and envy.. We just have a looong-looooong way to go..

    • Non Arabs,

      If somebody can do it, then i can do it.
      If no one can do it, then i should do it.

      20th Century Arabs,

      If somebody can do it, let them do it.
      If no one can do it, then y should i do it.

  19. Transport joke, well they are building full scale heavy industries in this country and they have a democracy..*******

    RE: and countries sweden has all that + with real democracy + real cars + quality all from a population of less than 10 million people.. Yet i do not see any Swedish poster chest thumping like guerrillas who has just be been infected with itching up thier rear ends do we?

    Bottom line: It still wont sell in Dubai or even Saudi where people are used to having best stuff money can buy.

    PS i am no camel jockey

    • Im not gonna argue with you cuz you make a pt. there..

      Though camel jockey still sounds like a racist phrase..

    • @ provost: LOL.Its sad you bring it down to such simpleton levels. A lot of democracies exist in the world, some make gud cars, some make gud buildings, some have gud agriculture… So wats your point anyways??!!!

      Swedens car industry is obv better as it much more old and mature. I dont want to indulge in a childish argument and discuss which fields India is better e.g IT and technology, Space research etc. Lets be mature ‘if we can’ and stick to cars.

  20. This is ridiculous. If no one has any constructive automotive criticism or praise to add to the discussion…then shut up!!!

    Thank you.

  21. Its pathetic.. people comparing countries and brands. Its not important where the car belongs from important is how durable it is. If somebody buying Mercedes not bcz it is “German” made but bcz of the drive and durability. Those with low mantality and racist mind should think what there country have made !!

  22. Adya

    “@ provost: LOL.Its sad you bring it down to such simpleton levels”

    under the circummstances as we say here we have to ‘dumb down” things to get the point across…

    but agreed lets talk about cars. This car will fair no better than it’s earlier model. Companies like Ford worked hard for decades to clean up thier horrible reputation they accumulated in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s……and you guys think by introducing one so-so looking model all is good?


    PS : “India is better in Space research”….oh my! ok ok mods i wont start.

  23. Here is a walkaround by a popular Indian mag – overdrive.

  24. Why XUV500 not available all over India?
    To increase its cost or other reason?

  25. Put in a good V6 from their purchase of ssanyong and she’d sell. This XUV got more features than my 5 series and it’s at 1/3rd the cost.

    Hope Mahindra leverage on the mechanics of Ssanyongs but at the same time get rid of their really ugly designs. Good start – affordable motoring requires more players.

  26. 70000 to 80000 SAR good price 4r XUV cheetah & will be a best 4r executive & persinal purpose

  27. i will own one xuv black one as soon as it launch in gcc….its much better than my fortuner….and its indian(good in quality n less in price)…..adnan from Bahrain

  28. I would also buy an XUV if launched in GCC, its much better than mid range SUV’s available in the market.

  29. كمواصفات ممتازة جداحيث لا تجد هذه الماصفات في كثير ن السيارات الفارهه الى خيارات المحرك لإضافة محرك اكبر لمن اراد ذلك

  30. very good just need a big engine for gulf

  31. This is an old article, but I came across it today. I went through all the comments and I’m not sure if I should comment on the comments – but I felt like I should state certain facts which no-one mentioned so far.

    First of all, after having used a Mahindra Jeep (1962 model, army version, sold as surplus in 1969 – a Sino-Indian war veteran) for many years, and having lived in the Western Ghats (read hilly terrain) of Kerala, I am a die-hard fan of Mahindra.

    Mahindra’s strengths

    Reliability and longevity – (it’s difficult to break a Mahindra. I have misused and abused it beyond limits. I can assure you a Pajero, Fortuner, Hilux, Ford Ranger, or Land Cruiser cannot take as much beating as a Mahindra. An old generation Nissan Patrol may be superior. How do I know? I work in Oil & Gas and have used/abused or seen them all being used/abused).

    Cost-effective – I doubt if any big company can produce an SUV with as many features at such prices. This is why you see Mahindra gaining market share in Australia, African Countries, South America and Eastern Europe.

    Mahindra’s weakness

    Refinement – Can it beat the finish and build quality of Toyota, Nissan, Mistubishi, Mazda, Kia or Hyundai? No way! Mahindra still drives like a truck – rough and bumpy. Panels loosen up, paint flakes off, bolts and nuts gather rust, sigh!

    Marketing strategy – Galadari was a bad choice of a trading partner in UAE. How much did they really try to sell the Scorpio? Did they offer Scorpio owners the same level of after-sales service as Al Futtaim or Arabian does for Toyota or Nissan? I doubt.

    Will Mahindra ever succeed in GCC? No. Why? Because they don’t care. Without making any major changes in their product line or product quality, they have made inroads into markets with higher populations – read Latin America, Africa, Eastern Europe. I doubt if they are really concerned about GCC market. If they were, they now have the money and resources to make products that sell here.

    Do I feel proud that Mahindra brought out such a product? Not really. I didn’t make a conscious choice to be born as an Indian – it just happened that way. Do I need to feel insulted if someone makes a bad comment about India? Not really. Racist comments are best left undefended and unquestioned. They don’t create any tangible impact on any individual or society. They are just figments of imagination residing in individual perspectives.

    Will I buy an XUV 500 if it’s sold here? Yes. Provided it has a V6 3 litre petrol engine and automatic transmission. I saw this car on my recent vacation. It’s awesome!

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