Toyota Land Cruiser, FJ Cruiser and Hilux Xtreme now in UAE

Toyota Land Cruiser, FJ Cruiser and Hilux Xtreme now in UAE

Al Futtaim Motors, in collaboration with Arctic Trucks, officially introduced the expanded Xtreme product range during the recent 2011 Dubai Motor Show. Alongside the 2012 Land Cruiser Xtreme, there are now the FJ Cruiser Xtreme and the Hilux Xtreme.

Modifications include 35-inch tyres for the Land Cruiser and 33-inch tyres for the FJ Cruiser and the Hilux. The suspension was lifted by 40 mm all-round with additional body-trimming to get the necessary wheel space for the larger tyres. All of the Xtreme vehicles are fitted with heavy-duty shock absorbers and come with a specially-made torque wrench. Additionally, the Land Cruiser Xtreme features a full widebody kit and side-step protection bars.

The regional Arctic Trucks facility is located in Dubai to build the vehicles offered here with a full dealer warranty. The Arctic Trucks outfit is originally from Iceland. Their first offering here was the special-order 2011 Toyota Land Cruiser Xtreme package, available as an upgrade with any new LC model.

For local prices and specs, visit the Toyota buyer guide.

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  1. sweet, cant wait to be terrorized by morons driving these vehicles at 200kmph and sit on your rear bumper/push you out of your way.

  2. Luv it.. but wonder if Ill have to trade in my arm for the upgrade.

  3. Picture of the land cruiser in the air is just simply stunning 🙂

  4. does this mean the hilux can be bought as a personal car now or it still needs to be registered for a company?

  5. Where Can i buy those accessories (fog lights and… for FJ? The fog lights looks amazing.

  6. those lights r stock for the 2012 FJ hopefully toyota will b selling them separately for the previous models

  7. i checked with toyota, the hilux is still only available to either locals, or companies.

    really looking forward to make it available to all!

  8. Whats your openion on FJ Xtream??

  9. oooh,but toyota fj 40,75 is beter and hours.very very nice

  10. Just bought the Hi-lux Extreme…hope its good off-Road. A bit concerned about the 2.7 vvti engine.

  11. Bought the FJ xtreme latest edition..Real monster it is!

    • What makes this a beast over lets say a FJ Trail Team which has all of what you have and more and for a cheaper price. You can buy a new 2014 Trail Team for a lot less money for you paid for your FJ xtreme latest edition. Your thoughts please

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