So we got a 2012 Honda Pilot

So we got a 2012 Honda Pilot

Ah, the Pilot. Honda’s largest offering. Thanks to its styling, it never gets the attention it deserves, compared to the new Ford Explorer and the default Toyota Prado. Honda trise to address that with a 2012 refreshening.

Of course, the update is limited to a new grille and new bumpers. The top-spec “Touring” version we drove also got new 18-inch wheels.

Inside, there is now a dial-controlled navigation screen and a rear DVD entertainment system. Everything else remains the same. That hard-plastic dashboard diminishes an otherwise respectably-trimmed cabin.

People tend to not notice that the Pilot is a pretty big vehicle, technically a midsize, but approaching full-size proportions. As such, space inside is very impressive, with better packaging than the Ford Explorer and the Nissan Pathfinder.

The Honda Pilot isn’t the right car to take to the racetrack, but it can actually do a fair bit of off-roading. Few crossovers today can claim to do that, but then again, there is more to the story. Look out for the full review.

What do you think?



  1. The upcoming full review I got to read :P, got to confirm some details 🙂

  2. hmmm, likely a good car but too easy to oversee……..

  3. If that top-spec comes in for 120k, then its a bargain i would say!

  4. on the front, it looks like sponge bob square pants. similar to one car model from Daihatsu

  5. time to revise that 5-speed, and crank a bit more torque. I sure wish it could do alot more off roading.

  6. wow..the no one car amoung family 4wds..

  7. Hi.

    I can’t find the full review?

    Post a link please.


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