Toyota Camry 2012 on sale in the UAE

Toyota Camry 2012 on sale in the UAE

The 2012 Toyota Camry is finally on sale in the UAE. The much-anticipated new model is a major upgrade of the outgoing one rather than a full redesign, and still hails from Australia. There is also a major shift in the trim levels.

There are now four trim levels, namely the S, the SE, the SE Plus and the Sport. Surprisingly, only the base S model does not get the sports body kit with dual exhaust tips, a rather smart way to differentiate from the expected taxi-fleet cars.

The 2012 Toyota Camry S will be offered with a standard 2.5-litre 4-cylinder “Dual VVT-i” engine, with 178 hp and 231 Nm of peak torque. The SE and Sport grades have dual exhaust outlets, so they get 181 hp and 235 Nm. Estimated fuel economy is 7.8 litres/100 km according to the Australian system, a fair bit better than the old model, while a 6-speed automatic with tiptronic is standard. We believe the Sport is supposed to have firmer suspension.

The interior is also apparently larger now, even while the exterior size hasn’t changed, thanks to better packaging. Available features include alloy wheels, 6-speaker stereo with USB port, standard ABS with optional stability control, touchscreen stereo with optional navigation, and more.

As for pricing, the S costs Dhs 88,000, the SE costs Dhs 93,000, the SE Plus costs Dhs 101,000 and the Sport costs Dhs 102,000 at showrooms in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

keep track of details in the Toyota Camry buyer guide.

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  1. too pricey for a base model.

  2. Better Interior, nothing special. But still it will rule the MiddleEast Road.

  3. Pricing is rather considerate this time round keeping in mind the fact that the Koreans are offering their cars more or less the same price, the only good thing about a “Toyota” is the resale, thats about it.

    • which world are you in?? Check out the prices of a base Sonata, Optima etc and then talk! Those are cheaper than basic compacts from the Japanese..

  4. I agree that there are many upgrades to the packages and specs offered, but I disagree with the words “Finally on Sale” and “Much Anticipated” coz the exterior design is big disappointment, people should keep developing not going backwards, the last model had LED tail lights and we are going to the bulbs in this one, adding nice daytime running LED in the front would have been nice too, these things are nice and cost nothing to the manufacturers if mass produced, away from these accessories, the sheet metal itself and the whole design is not attracting, it makes the current honda accord looks good.

  5. base 2011 is 69k as of dec 22

  6. Waiting for the Saudi drift video in 2012 Camry to come up. 😉

  7. this has to be one of the ugliest cars on the road .. it looks like a bigger corolla ..if I wanted a corolla I would save money and just buy one .. its interior is an improvement.. but the exterior is still corolla-ish .. I need to buy a 2011 Camry before they run out

  8. IMHO, this is going to sell like hot cakes. Maybe even like hot crossed buns.

  9. The interior has changed to a much better side. But the exterior is disappointing, as it reminds Toyota Corolla. Perhaps it would be wiser if Toyota released this deign on Camry before Corolla.

  10. I simply have no idea why anyone would choose this design over the Sonata. Who wants a Corolla with a body kit?

  11. @mash

    has AFM given u a tester yet?

  12. so when exactly are we gonna start seeing it in dubai taxi line-up…??

  13. hi,,
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  14. Has anybody checked the New Camry in Toyota global website, it’s totally different and looks much better than this ugly one (talking about the exterior design)i don’t really understand what is the point behind two different regional designs under the same badge name?

  15. dear Farrukh & Sidharth, actually the pictures provided by DA are for the same model that is released here in middle east (you can check toyota oman rather than checking alfuttaim sick website which is not updated since established! and again it is not aurion please check toyota global

  16. Dear ali you might have not read what i said !! that new camry front looks similar to Lexus ES. thats what looksfor new Camry im talking about the link you have privided.

  17. Farrukh,Ali seems to be right, The new camry looks like the one shown in the article by Drive Arabia. See below link from Toyota Oman, unless the UAE version is different:

  18. For this price range, I wouldn’t even consider the camry, Id be looking at the KIA Cadenza or the All new Hyundai Azera, both premium sedans. And this is because I’m not stupid.

  19. Model is shit just as the dealers AFM in uae

  20. Why can’t middle east make the camry instead of importing it from Australia? How does that help middle east?

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