So we got a 2012 Nissan GT-R

So we got a 2012 Nissan GT-R

The 2012 Nissan GT-R is easily the most significant premium sports car to come out this year. The ironic part is it isn’t even completely new, and yet, we were completely blown away by this latest version.

The GT-R received a barely-there frontal facelift for 2011, involving LED lights and not much else. Under the bonnet, it also received a dollop of horsepower. For 2012, it’s got even more horses, and a host of other upgrades.

Additionally, our tester is the Black Edition, which adds custom red-trimmed Recaro seats, red and black interior trim and a dark headliner.

The latest GT-R models also feature real carbon-fibre interior trim now, although the overall cabin design remains the same. Those “R” toggle-switches are still there too.

The GT-R might be the most practical supercar out there, but it certainly isn’t that practical. Still, it will fit your groceries.

Of course, grocery-shopping isn’t what you buy a GT-R for. This car can murder Ferraris and Porsches without having the driver work too much. And it is much better than the 2009 Nissan GT-R we drove two years ago. We couldn’t believe how much it has improved. More in the full review.

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  1. “This car can murder Ferraris and Porsches without having the driver work too much.” – Doesnt that mean it kills the whole essence of a driver’s car?

    Can you make a comparison of this car to a Porsche GT3? I would like to know the difference.

  2. What are the ‘R’ switches for? Suspension modes?

  3. 2013 model still in the way …
    additional 15 Horses.

    0-100 2.89
    quarter mile 10.8 sec.

    top speed can cross 320KM

    they improved its performance at high speeds, you can see and compare the new with the old.

    cant wait to see what the new model will do to all other exotic cars.

    • Author

      This is the 2013 model. It’s called a 2012 everywhere outside the U.S.

    • are you sure mash…2013 barely launched in JAPAN…still even didnt come to USA…whats the horse power????

      its 2012 in japan…and will be 2013 everywhere.

    • Author

      Yep. This is the latest. I even went to a press conference with the creator, Kazutoshi Mizuno, who was in Dubai a few months ago.

  4. Is the price any different from the previous model?

  5. I think my dad can easily fit 2 goats in that trunk for Bakra eid 🙂

  6. This car is insane!!!!! As expected from Japanese engineers, 6 cylinder producing this immense amount of hp and unbelievable acceleration. Germans should do something before its late.

  7. ROJ, owned the 09 model gtr. At the autochrome, I absolutely killed the gt3s in all areas, incl braking, acceleration, fast corner handling and turn in. Admittedly, having owned the 996 and 997 gt3, the porker feels much stronger and less delicate.

  8. hi mash , i think you are not trying everything like traction off …etc because you are always getting very slow 0-100kph times if other reviewers are lying or cars are tuned what about youtube videos and some even have those cars and get better times, im not trying to be bad with you its just that you know we car lovers always have 0-100kph times in our minds and especially the acceleration times of the srt8 challenger and its rivals and the infinit g35 , g37 and m56 .

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