Nissan Juke-R chosen to pace 24 hours endurance race in Dubai

Nissan Juke-R chosen to pace 24 hours endurance race in Dubai

The 2012 Dunlop 24 Hours of Dubai endurance race scheduled to be held at the Dubai Autodrome from 12 January to 14 January will be expectedly as spectacular as it has always been. But what may take on the spectators with surprise will be the pace car zipping around the track, which is going to be the Nissan Juke-R.

The Nissan Juke-R, essentially a GT-R with a Juke shell, was originally a concept car not slated for production. However, with the Juke-R going to run around the Dubai Autodrome fulfilling the duty of a pace car, we are unsure of Nissan’s intent. Nevertheless, this will be the debut of yet another breed derived from an already controversial breed, unless Nissan plans a launch event for the Juke-R before the race.

Rumours are that the Nissan Juke-R will be present at the upcoming Chicago Auto Show. We choose to reserve our comments and predictions, and just wait and watch.

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  1. No matter how they heavily and aggressively marketed this car, it just won’t sell. nobody’s buying it cause its ugly, dysfunctional, and cramp (small boot, low headroom, short legroom) and 1.6l engine just like a yaris.

    • 1.6L engine just like Yaris??? Firstly, when did Yaris have a 1.6L engine?? The previous gen had a 1.5L engine which was a disappointment…the new one doesnt have it anymore, and comes with a puny 1.3L engine instead…Secondly, do you have the least idea that the Juke comes with 1.6L “turbocharged” engine??? You chase that and beat that with a Yaris and I shall take you to a strip club in Vegas for free!

    • Sounds good to me… Vegas trip for free…

  2. dear marcus read d name again its juke-r after juke its r n it represents full specs of gtr in the comptitive pricing wid golf r’s caymans ae86s n all other sports which r under 250k or just refer to youtube n check juke r videos

  3. I’ve been seeing plenty of Juke on the road. A lot more than it’s sibling i.e Qashqai. I wonder if it is indeed not selling well…anyone got any insider numbers??

  4. Frog’s are known to become Prince when kissed. All Juke reviews suggest that. Don’t go around and try to tail gate some 1.6 Juke in some 1.6 Yaris, you will tumble down dome highway exit or crash in some roundabout. Of course, the shape for some is indigestible, but we shouldn’t criticize for criticizing sake. The car must be good so that’s why Nissan is taking risk on it, they could have fixed a manual transmission and gtr engine in Maxima, that has enough space, and looks good than Frog, but they didn’t isn’t it, forget about Juke, any manufacturer would invest or modify those cars only that has potential. Honda would invest heavily on Civic rather than Accord Coupe. One is an achiever then other one is just a family car turned into looker..

  5. actually its not 1.6…its 1.6 turbo with 190HP …

  6. Listen, It really is the ugliest and of the most deformed designs I have ever seen..

    I can never ever imagine myself driving one.. It might be good interms of specs and capabilities but it still is one horrible looking vehicle..

    • I understand the car is selling well in europe and that is one reason Nissan is betting its game on this car… But still I personally find it vision damaging..

  7. well,if they will do real test for a turbochage version, why don’t they do it in summer? i mean in Real-Hot-August and yes for 24hours and then let us see if it will be a j’u’ke or j’o’ke.

    the only thing related to GTR is the Rims shape and the preformance screen inside it.

    instead of “Audi A1” girly look, i think juke is much girlish ~

    No one like the design of it!!!

    Sorry for that nissan,but i’ll called this car Nissan Slug, not Nissan Juke.

    • Disagree there..The entire drivetrain which includes that 3.8L v6 turbo beast, the tranny and their all-wheel-drive system, has been lifted from a GT-R as such and fit into the Juke shell…so it isn’t just the rims and screen…

    • Lol, Events will conducted when Dunlop wants or Dubai autodrome officals think to promote the autodrome and bring crowds to it, not when you, me or Nissan wants. And as far as endurances races are concerned, all the modern engines from almost all manufacturers can run for 24 hours no big deal, i see Suzuki Altos, with driver, passanger, rear seat and boot loaded with food stuff’s being run non stop day and night by hotel staff doing deliveries in shifts, they don’t even give engine rest, its on with ac on parked in scorching summer heat. Endurance races are not a big deal for mordern cars, modern cars are not plagued by usage they go wrong with all those electronic settings and gadgets.

  8. I don’t think I would ever want to even sit in this car, let alone drive it.

    I just can’t swallow the looks, maybe it’ll grow on me later on, but for now… MY EYES!!!!!! X_X

  9. Woowww !! LOOk at it ! i can scare my Ex gf’s beetle with this car ! Yahaa !

  10. Who wants a fast car that looks like a frog? Come on people…looks matter especially with fast cars…Kia Sportage makes more sense than this…

  11. A Lot of negativity on this car.

    Does anybody on this site like it?

    I personally don’t think it looks that bad on the road; maybe weird or strange but can’t say butt ugly.

    I don’t say it is a very pretty car, but is definitly better than a KIA Sportage in terms of its looks.

  12. The only people that will love the car most is the advertising team at Nissan because it looks controversial and different..

    And that Juke R is just a wild publicity stunt, not more..

    The avg consumer will still settle for more conservative looks..

  13. 260HP turbo Sportage SX kicks ass. not sold here yet.

  14. I used to own a couple of Renault 5 GT Turbos, which were far from the prettiest of hot hatchbacks in the mid to late ’80s, but could not be beaten for acceleration, cornering or braking, so were fantastic FUN to drive hard (especially if the engine had been tuned properly). The Juke-R is probably one of the few cars made that is even uglier than the R5 GTT, but YES, I would buy one without any hesitation if it was a GT-R under the skin, just with a shorter wheelbase and lighter body for even better performance and even more FUN !!

  15. P.S. I went to the 24 Hour Endurance Race at the Dubai Autodrom in January, and never saw a Juke-R pace car – did it ever make it there ?? I only saw one on display at Jumeirah Beach Resort after the race.

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