So we got a 2012 Toyota Camry SE

So we got a 2012 Toyota Camry SE

It’s fun to keep repeating that the 2012 Toyota Camry is the most anticipated car of 2012. But as much as we like to repeat it, when we finally hit the road with one before anyone else, it didn’t illicit any reaction from the public wherever it went. In fact, we started getting unwanted attention from tailgating taxi-driving jerks on the highway instead. Could no one notice the substantial changes beyond the badge?

We find the new Toyota Camry is a good-looking car, even if many will make fun of it for its badge and find faults with it. That front bumper is unique and the overall profile is perfectly proportioned.

The rear is harder to judge however. It’s been squared off, and those tail lights are oddly shaped. The dual exhaust tips add 3 hp over the single-tipped base model.

The interior is nice enough, and the Camry now becomes the only vehicle in its class to have a standard stitched dashboard, even in the base model. Our car is a step higher than the base, but it still comes with dual-zone auto a/c, fake wood trim, Bluetooth, illuminated door sills and blue mood lighting.

The new Camry drives much better than the old one, but it is the practicality side of things that matter most to buyers. So we did a comparo with the old model. More on that in later reviews.

What do you think?



  1. dear drive arabia

    why do you shoot so far or at a distance from the cars you feature here? it gives the impression of the image as seen by a bee or a fly. totally not nice.

  2. Biggest Corollaa… Welcome to rule the ME roads.

  3. Hope they completely revamp the Camry in 2013, this model is positively ugly!!

  4. Not as solid in looks as Korean cars!! interior better than before…

  5. Does the SE stand for sports edition? If it did it would be haiarious as there is nothing even remotely sporty about that car

  6. yawn………….

  7. dat yellow plastic key ring….hehe

  8. This is nothing compared to Kia Optima and hyundai sonata.

  9. i m waitin for the global camry aka aurion ….

  10. Interior is looking nice…But the outside part totally disappointed…look like a big corolla..

  11. Is that the new Corolla 2012

    Oh yeah man, I paid 80 phocking grand for you to call it a freaking corolla?

  12. 1st you cannot compare camry with korean sonata/optima. Just take test drive of sonata you will find hard seats poor visibility engine noise hard plastic . Camry is the king of mid size sedans !!

  13. no starter button still? What a bummer.

  14. Ok went to the showroom today and had a peek at the camry…

    Many people may find to believe this but the camry is pretty good value at 101k…. You get all goodies like leather, nav, blue tooth, sunroof, push start button, abs, etc…

    Interior quality is actually top notch, Nothing like the third rate interior, funny smelly (cheap plastic) of the previous generation

    Would it sell?… My guess the se and se+. Yes…. The S ? idea
    However grossly uncompetitive at aed88k…

  15. over all its better bur the back lights are ugly and isn’t matchs with the front theam….

  16. IT IS NEVER TOO LATE please camry designers modify the tail lightS for the 2012 as the current tail lights are ugly and shame on the name of camry and looks like incomplet design this tail lights were the reason that i bought 2012 sonata which is way less than the camry in every aspect just because the sonata has a pretty body (and i regret) i have been driving camry the last 11 years i think toyota latly was depending on its name and egnored the common sense in designing the tail lights and egnored the studies to be done for consumer oponion about those tail lights …IT IS NEVER TOO LATE

    • sometimes, just sometimes, really just sometimes, a spell check could make sense..


      assuming i got your english right ;-), i agree in most parts. i also don’t like the rear design, reminds me too much of the new civic..

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