Hyundai Veloster Turbo debuts at Detroit Auto Show

Hyundai Veloster Turbo debuts at Detroit Auto Show

The Hyundai Veloster is in the news again. After gaining so much popularity for its quirky design, Hyundai’s 3-door youth car was fast diminishing from the spotlight for obvious reasons. Highly underpowered for a supposed sporty car, the Veloster is powered by a naturally-aspirated 138 hp 1.6-litre with direct injection. Even better, the GCC were given a 130 hp version of the same engine, minus the direct injection. But for some at least, Hyundai has addressed the issue with a turbo now.

Debuting at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show, the Veloster Turbo gets a new face. Even more aggressive than the base model, the face seems alarmingly similar to the upcoming facelifted 2012 Hyundai Genesis Coupe. It comes complete with black hexagonal grille, fog lamps and a revised rear fascia which now features two centre-mounted exhaust-tips.

The most impressive feature is under the hood. The new direct-injected turbo 1.6-litre engine now produces a stunning 201 hp with 264 Nm of torque. It weighs in at 1273 kg.

The suspension doesn’t get any new changes, while steering has been tweaked to be more quicker. The exhaust system has been updated, in line with the turbo setup, and should sound sportier as well.

Currently, the transmissions on offer will be same as the base Veloster, namely a 6-speed manual or dual-clutch automatic.

Other goodies for the Veloster Turbo include 18-inch wheels, leather upholstery, and a themed black and blue interior with LED exterior accent lighting. The infotainment department is taken care of with two TFT info screens in the instrument panel and a 450-watt 8-speaker system. Optional is a new grey matte paint direct from the factory.

This car goes on sale this summer elsewhere, but as always, expect the GCC to be exempt from receiving such turbo or direct-injection models. We hear Hyundai is looking into the possibility of shipping these modern engines to the UAE, but that could take a while.

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  1. nice article 😛

    • For some reason, after reading that, I suddenly remembered to give credit where it’s due.

    • Hi all,

      Visited showroom today 28/4/12, Turbo coming to UAE, expected arrival mid August (fingers crossed) but for once can our UAE car dealers hook us up with a test drive!? Bought new Tucsan without a test drive and well happy but will not be so generous on 2nd hyundai purchase, so can we get a bit of support on this front! FYI, dealer said price is gonna be no more than 80grand, lets be hopeful!

  2. Great Looker (Accent Platform, Accent Engine). 1.6 GDI engine is available in UAE. Speed was issue with this car, i think Turbo will do the trick.

  3. reckons me of some bird from ‘angry birds’

  4. If they would sell the turbo for under 80k (with all options), then I would get it in a heartbeat. Saw a yellow one the other day on the road, and it looked real nice.

  5. I would consider the Turbo model..

    It would serve as a nice base for tuning and upgrades… Lets hope the price is right though & lets hope it will be here..

  6. Hi Mash,

    Get some authentic information from Hyundai officials on this turbo version launch for GCC or UAE.

    I would prefer this car in Turbo version only otherwise there are many options in the market same like Sirrocco.

    Thanks man.

  7. Save Mash this trouble and also yourselves. Authentic Information from Hyundai, LOL LOL LOL, I would be surprised if they can spell Hyundai properly, or specs of model in line up. Better to go to showroom yourself.

    • Yes,

      For the same reason, Hyundai showroom People never have any information. I don’t know what they are doing there. Pet line for them yes it will come soon. but till now we have not received any information on this model. LOL

      These people are just doing there job and they don’t know anything about their own company cars.

      Just hopping may be MASH can find some information regarding this.

  8. I personally find it nothing but a toy car with such an underpowered 1.6 engine.. Just like the old 2.0 coupe..

    The turbo upgrade should solve the problem..

  9. Dear all,

    Do you think we can expect it for this year?
    I am planning to sell my car and buy one in Q4…I would love the veloster full options TURBO…I love that car from Day 1 but I am currently driving a Accord coupe 270hp v6, I could not go down to this…

    So 2 questions:
    -What date shall we expect?
    -What price shall we expect? (Below 85?)

  10. Good looking but still fake.

  11. Any one can get more details when we can get this is UAE and the price range ?

  12. can any one tell me if veloster turbo ll be avalible in GCC or not?

  13. Nope, neither Turbo nor GDI’s, only Turbo stickers. With current appliance car 1.6, you won’t get speed but yes it’s one of the best amongst the 1.6 lumps available with decent torque to pull of small car with fuel consumption hanging around 7.1 to 7.5 ltrs/ per 100KM. Perhaps some day fuel quality will improve and you will find some of the Hyundai/Kia wards top 10 award winning engines here. Although, some manufacturers do bring turbo’s here dont know what they do to maintain engine as per conditions here, ofcourse detuned engine is always not the correct answer or solution.

  14. any new update on this? if we are getting turbo or not .. ?

  15. We need to know if we are getting this or not! And when! I want to buy a new car but stalling to see if this will reach the UAE

  16. No signs of release, engine or price range!

  17. why most companies not send there turbo engine to gcc?

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