2012 Big Boys Toys Dubai: Photo coverage

2012 Big Boys Toys Dubai: Photo coverage

The Big Boys Toys show, held at the Atlantis for 2012, from the 9th to the 11th of February, is a show involving all sorts of stuff, to put it simply. Featuring everything from cars, bikes and boats to gadgets, games and fashion, it is intended to showcase the random pleasure you can pursue if you have the money. Among the automotive displays were the Hulme CanAm Spyder at the Gillette stand, the Marchi Mobile land-yacht from Germany, the latest version of the Nissan GT-R VVIP, the DTV Shredder that acts likes an offroad Segway, the Bozzies custom bikes, a Ford F-150 rally truck and all sorts of funky electric bikes, some of them superbikes, some of them bicycles, and some of them unicycles. Photos by Faisal Khatib.

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  1. is the show worth of the 100 Dhs ticket?

    • Last year in Abu Dhabi it DEFINITELY wasn’t. But then again, I got my tickets for free last year. Still had to drive all the way from DXB, so was pissed off about that!

  2. Definitely not. I went on a free ticket, it’s fun but I would have went crazy if I’d have paid 100dhs as you don’t even get a glass of water included in your ticket. Not many cars there either.

    • great..thanks for the info.. apart from cars, what about gadgets?

    • Author

      You can shoot ducks with a shotgun on a big screen, shoot soft arrows at a flying target, play F1 driving on a 3-screen setup with moving seat, a flight simulator, and possibly cruise around on some of the electric mini-vehicles. Some displays were there that I didn’t look at closely. I only tried the duck shooting.

  3. Waste of time. Avoid like the plague!!

  4. I spent 6 hours there taking photos of the stuff there.. Some of the stuff looks awesome and you start to understand the justification behind such hefty price tags.

    Its worth it if you are going there to buy something.

    Here is my coverage:

  5. was the piece of crap car they built on dream machines for 50 cent there? They kept ranting on about that and yet i don’t see it among the pictures.

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