Nissan all set to revive Datsun

Nissan all set to revive Datsun

Nissan has officially announced the return of their long-dormant brand Datsun. The brand will now make a mainstream appearance after three decades of absence.

Returning as a budget brand, its main aim will be to strengthen and ensure steady sales of their low-cost, fuel-efficient vehicles by increasing the workforce and number of outlets in Indonesia, India and Russia by 2014.

Nissan also invested heavily in Indonesia, after they were marked as the largest car market in South-East Asia, buying in 890,000 vehicles in 2011, which is more than the entire GCC. They also plan to upgrade the existing plant, to make it their largest production facility in the ASEAN region, so as to achieve a 250,000 sales target.

The resurrection of Datsun will mean that Nissan will go into the Asian market with three flagship brands, including the luxury brand Infiniti.

But sadly, sources say that Nissan may not revive the brand in the GCC region or any other developed markets which sports well-established Nissan and Infiniti dealerships.

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  1. good to know them back. remember their coupes very well when i was a young boy!!

  2. good isnt it…
    bad luck for us that we cant get a taste of it in gcc

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