BMW shows off first 2012 3-Series race car

BMW shows off first 2012 3-Series race car

The Bavarian boys have certainly decided that it was time to strengthen their racing line-up for the year, as BMW went on to showcase the first 3-Series racer based on the new F30 platform. The project was undertaken by BMW South-Africa and ADF motorsports.

The car is basically a 335i sedan which was completely converted to a thoroughbred racer, despite maintaining the same in-line six cylinder N55 engine unit.

A restrictor plate had to be placed on the turbo, and boost was limited, to adhere with the rules. Nevertheless, ADF have worked over the turbo, exhaust and ECU, so that the powertrain would still manage over 400 hp and 600 Nm of torque, an increase of 100 hp over the standard production car.

They also stripped down any unnecessary weight, so it now stands at less than 1400 kg, thanks to carbon-fibre components from BMW’s M division. The whole car was built in less than two months using a US$260,000 budget.

The race car is scheduled to make its debut appearance at the Wesbank Super Series at Killarney in Cape Town on March 31, after which it will compete in this year’s much anticipated 24 Hour Nurburgring Race.

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