Subaru Legacy and Outback 2013 all set to debut

Subaru Legacy and Outback 2013 all set to debut

Subaru is set to unveil the 2013 models of their flagship Legacy sedan and its off-road cousin, the Outback, in addition to debuting the all-new XV Crosstrek crossover at the 2012 New York Auto Show.

Both the Legacy models have received considerable changes from its predecessor. The exterior receives a new sporty front fascia, with a few bolder curves. The ride and handling have been improved thanks to a stiffer structure and revised suspension geometry.

Subaru also claims to have done some rework under the hood. The 2.5i models will see a brand-new 2.5-litre DOHC boxer four that puts out 173 hp and 235 Nm of torque, an improvement of three and four, respectively.

But despite the change in figures, the 2013 Legacy’s new engine coupled with Subaru’s CVT automatic gearbox, achieve better fuel economy than the previous editions.

All-wheel-drive is standard on all models, and Subaru’s new “EyeSight” driver-assist system, which integrates Adaptive Cruise Control, Pre-Collision Braking, Vehicle Lane Departure Warning and Pedestrian detection is also set to debut on the Legacy and Outback. A 7-inch touch-screen navigation system with voice activated controls and navigation will also be included in the options list.

Standard safety features include front and curtain airbags, Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC) with stability and traction control and four-wheel ABS with Brake Assist safety system.

Both models will also be available with an optional 3.6-litre flat-six engine, mated to a five-speed automatic, that produces 256 hp. Later on, Subaru will also introduce a six-speed manual to both the models.

So far there has been no official announcement by Subaru as to when the duo will hit the GCC market. But we expect it to arrive sometime later this year, or by early 2013.

Keep track of UAE updates in the Subaru buyer guide.

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  1. This is a very good car.

  2. Drivearabia most of that report contains alot of mistakes :-

    1- CVT automatic gearbox is in the old one nothing new about the gearbox .

    2- A 7-inch touch-screen navigation system was also in the options list in the old one .

    3- Nothing also new about safety Standards .

    4- The H6 engine is cancelled in the Gulf and replaced with the GT 2.5T .

    5- Six-speed manual is also available but with a customer order .

    I’m sure from my info i was working in subaru KSA !!

    • The report is fine. It’s about the U.S. version, and it doesn’t say any of those features are new. Thanks for the KSA insight though.

    • I believe the only ‘NEW’ bit is the Engine and that Eyseight driver assist.(as mentioned in the article)

  3. Mashfique
    Man, plz try to be friendly and don’t try to be ethnic !!

    And also nothing new about the U.S version .. be sure from your info before you post it !!

    I’m a big fan of subaru as i own it and also i worked in the subaru ‎Agency for the last year in ksa …. “SO I CAN SAY IT IN LOUD VOICE BE SURE FROM YOUR INFO”

    • Jeez, do you even understand English? Did you even read? The article is just mentioning what features are available, whether they are old or new. The word “new” isn’t even used anywhere except when the upgraded engine was mentioned. Go shout in our LOUD VOICE to yourself.

    • i am a saudi too. what are you complaining about ethnic? nobody cares about your subaru.

  4. Well,dispute all the unchanged upgrades …just look at that face lift … ! legendary !
    i liked the new grill in front. looks like 2 hands holding the “subaru” symbol.

  5. Dhoom i think i can understand English

    Hammoud I’m not talking about my subaru
    And i mean by ethnic that Mashfique an both of you don’t want to say that report contains alot of mistakes !!

    It can be only new face lift and Engine
    Without all of that words 🙂

    Say it again to all try to be friendly 😀

    • Hey Nabil,
      I was the one that posted this article.
      I dont think there is a big need for clarification, because this was basically a press release from Subaru.
      And by the way it is very much possible to clarify mistakes here.
      But i seriously couldnt spot any, because you keep pointing out that all the equipment were from the previous year. (which is very much what i wrote).

  6. Ok thanks anyway man fro being a real man not a boy 🙂

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