Toyota Avalon 2013 looks great on U.S. debut

Toyota Avalon 2013 looks great on U.S. debut

Designed and engineered in the United States, the 2013 Toyota Avalon is the first full-sizer from the Japanese company that actually made us go “wow” when we saw the images.

The platform remains the same, with an identical wheelbase as the previous model, but it is now slightly shorter and narrower then before, with a lower roofline. HID headlights up front and LED lamps in the back, along with a choice of 17-inch or 18-inch wheels, round out the exterior.

Toyota claims the ride and handling have been improved, with stiffer suspension and a stronger structure. It will even come with “Eco”, “Normal” and “Sport” driving modes now. There is no word on the engine, although we assume it gets a carryover 272 hp 3.5-litre V6, mated to a front-wheel-drive platform and a 6-speed automatic, this time even coming with paddle-shifters.

The interior remains spacious, while the boot is even bigger now. A “Display Audio” system with a 6.1-inch touchscreen is standard on the new Avalon, while a JBL Synthesis Premium Audio system, HDD Premium Navigation with 7-inch screen, dynamic radar cruise control, heated and cooled front seats, heated rear seats, and a three-zone air conditioning system are also on the list of available features and equipment.

While some of Toyota’s most recent offerings have been too conservative in terms of styling, the Avalon is a good sign that the company is still capable of making attractive cars, even while retaining that conservatism to a certain degree.

The model will debut at the 2012 New York Auto Show. Expect the 2013 Avalon to show up at dealerships in Saudi Arabia, UAE and other GCC countries by the end of the year.

Keep track of updates in the Toyota Avalon buyer guide.

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  1. Acura + Jaguar rip off…

  2. its a mix of kia optima and hyundai azera especially the back , but it looks like a wagon from the side . but now that it doesnt look like a 80 year old’s car no one would buy it .

  3. I’m impressed…

  4. its sorta has that LFA look to the back lights

  5. if they make a camry like this I might buy one.

  6. guess what toyota is back to its glory days of designing…..what an interior….and the rear too…and the engine option too seems nice….lets wait and see whats in reality

  7. From side looks it gives an impression of Honda Crosstour i mean specially from side view to rear end.

  8. In short … they took camry front jammed it in cross tour body and then took the back of new E class and put it in the back …. I know some would say I’m angry coz I bought 2011 one, no I sold it 2 weeks ago … hahahaha. and one final question, where should buyers put the front number plate with this stupid front end?

  9. it’s still boxy designed.. not fluidic.

    a large grill on the front is such an eye sore. like a blubber of a sperm whale

  10. Design’s nice, but seems similar to its contemporaries.. Toyota is absolutely not trying to lead in this area.. the koreans have got a lot more innovation here

  11. I dont like that exterior, there is something imbalanced about its design.

    Its very hard and time consuming to come up with something original but I believe Toyota can do much better than this.

  12. Toyota has clearly hired some designers recently. 😀 I used hate Toyota for their bland designs. I’m kinda starting to like the newer Toyotas. And I also love the lighting used in the photos 🙂

  13. copied kia optima especially the sides

  14. this is toyota after a v.long sleep

  15. looks bold + chinese + honda = ugly

  16. the interior especially the center console reminds of me of a facia of an expensive Hi-fi.But the camry derived steering must go and they must have either a 2 or 4 spoke steering.

    I agree on the comments of the external design.Its one of those designs where you are not really sure…

    • I’d like to see two spoke for once, since it would really go well with the sleek design, and Toyota hasn’t used it since 1994. Depends on how they style it, 2 spoke might actually look good, espcially on the Hybrid model.

  17. Now thats the Toyota I would love to see 🙂 …

  18. Looks better than the old model for sure.
    but can’t deny the resemblance between it and Kia Optima from the rear,still, overlay it looks very gd. When it comes to Saudi Arabia,Im sure it’s gonna cost somewhere between 145-160 because of our lovely dealer !.

  19. I own an Avalon and I am going to buy a new one in 2013…..but I am very upset with the car front…..I really don`t like the BIG MOUTH design…..maybe I will wait 2014 to see if you are going to alter it.

    I am sure I am not the only one to complain about this mouth`s design….I am sure your designer could do much better than that.

  20. Plus, have you seen the interior pictures on Toyota’s website? Really?? Black steering wheel on Flax brown seating?!

  21. if it would cost 145K to 160K ! why should anybody buy Avalon ?
    Insted if you spend 20K more which is about 12% you would get ES350

  22. does anyone have any idea when its being released in the GCC?

  23. It will be in the showrooms on 15th and the prices are out

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