Fisker Atlantic prototype electric car debuts

Fisker Atlantic prototype electric car debuts

Fisker unveiled the prototype version of the all new four-door sports electric sedan, the Fisker Atlantic, at the 2012 New York Auto Show this month.

Fisker seems to have incorporated the essence of practicality with style in the new prototype, unlike many other recent electric cars. It is known to have the second-generation EVer (Electric Vehicle with extended range) powertrain that reportedly incorporates a BMW four-cylinder gasoline engine.

Although no official specifications have been released, Fisker say that the production Atlantic will be priced below the much-coveted Karma, thus placing itself in the range of the Audi A5 or the top-spec BMW 3 Series. But they still remain tight-lipped about the range of the vehicle or the delivery dates.

But keeping everything else aside, Fisker say that the Atlantic is a car that they are intending to put into production soon. A change of design is also not expected, considering Fisker’s design strategy. An electric all-rounder then?

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  1. But not sure how it will preform here in the ME in terms of sales.

  2. How do the insides look?

  3. Those with money and a passion for electric cars might want to be the first few to take the adventure of owning an electric car so there will be buyers.

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