Hyundai i30 2013 goes on sale in the GCC

Hyundai i30 2013 goes on sale in the GCC

Korean carmaker Hyundai have added the 2013 i30 hatchback to their range of cars available in the Middle East.

Banking on the i30’s success in Europe and the favoritism it has won in many car awards, Hyundai hopes to mimic the same success in the GCC.

The i30 was designed and engineered at the Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Centre in Germany.

Essentially an Elantra hatchback, the 2013 model will resonate Hyundai’s ‘fluidic sculpture’ design ethos as seen in other cars in the family. It will feature Hyundai’s signature frontal feature – the hexagonal-shaped grille and LED daytime running lights making it tastefully distinctive compared other cars in it’s class.

Customers are offered a choice of two petrol engines – a 128 hp 1.6-litre unit or a 148 hp 1.8-litre motor. All engines can be had with either a six-speed manual or an automatic transmission, though only automatic models will be available in the UAE. Hyundai claim that taking into consideration the 53-litre fuel tank and the car’s fuel efficiency, the i30 will drive you a good 1400 km between petrol stations.

The i30 comes to the Middle East in two models, the GL and GLS.

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  1. This is a really good looking car and well equipped too, if they price it reasonably (and most probably the will) and if KIA brings its new Ceed here, then I think many people will opt for them and ignore others like focus, Tiida hatchback and yaris

  2. the 1.6 D-CVVT is it 6 speed?

    if yes then this will be a best buy and bang for the buck,

    since TIIDA isn’t coming to GCC, might pick this up rather than wait a thousand years to TIIDA

    • Why TIIDA isn’t coming to GCC ? did they cancel it ?

      We don’t know the price of the i30 yet, it might be good to compete against TIIDA as the i30 looks amazing and feature rich compared to TIIDA…

  3. Hussain,

    Bro actually the re-Designed TIIDA is the one I’m talking about. Supposedly they should have introduce it in the World Market.
    Right now the 2012 TIIDA is still the common TIIDA and not the redesigned TIIDA.

  4. 1400kms on 53 liters of petrol? My Civic 1.8 liter has a 50 liter tank (could be 60, not sure right now) and it never makes it over 550km on a tankful.

    • I highly doubt that it can do 1400 kms. A civic does around 500 km on full tank. I reckon this can probably 600-700 km, if driven normally. But looks nicer than its competitors…

    • Motorhead is correct 600 is max, this is not a hybrid nor does the Hyundai brings its wards award winning DI engines here, so you will never get the fuel efficiency or torque features mentioned in American / European / Korean websites. Added to that most of the manufactures detune as per petrol standards. Saying that, still these engines are one of the best amongst the similar competitors in similar price range, very nice, fuel efficient & peppy engines.

  5. I went to the Hyundai Deira yesterday and they still don’t have it on showrooms. But he says that they might put it on sale on Ramadan.

    Hoping for a friendly price 🙂

  6. Friends need some advice on a car buying decision. I am planning to either buy a full trim Hyundai Accent or a standard trim Hyundai i30. Budget around SAR 50k. Kindly recommend.

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