So we got a 2012 Toyota Camry SE Plus long-termer

So we got a 2012 Toyota Camry SE Plus long-termer

There are few things in life you can be sure of, at least where we live — Death, Salik, and the dominance of the Toyota Camry on the midsize sales charts, no matter what spiteful names you may call it. If you hate it just for the sake of hating it, you are in the minority. The truth is, the 2012 Toyota Camry is a good car. And we now have one for two months to prove it.

The Australian-built car we have here is, arguably, the top model available in the UAE. Our SE Plus model comes with 16-inch alloys, leather and navigation. There is also a “Sport” model available that costs a grand more, and adds paddle-shifters, different alloys and meatier seats, but loses leather and navigation.

This reddish car comes to us with 5883 km on the clock, having served as a press car since the beginning of 2012. Everything seems to be working fine, except that we couldn’t get the power mirrors and overhead door lights to work, possibly due to a blown fuse. If it is something that minor, we wouldn’t fret over it in terms of reliability.

The bigger question is how it fares compared to some of the other class leaders in this segment. And we’ll be answering that in the coming weeks.

On a side note, we’d like to mention that, courtesy of Al Futtaim Motors, our car comes with free Salik as well as a free RTA parking card. We can’t avoid Death or Camrys, but we can at least avoid road taxes for a couple of months.

What do you think?



  1. When parked next to this my 2005 Camry looks like some 90s model. Do you want to do a comparo with my camry? Happened to be the same color….

    • Author

      You have a 2005? I already did a comparo with a 2010 that I haven’t put up yet. Still might be interesting to bring yours over some time.

    • Yeah. Even I was thinking if that gen camry was included it would be awesome.

    • Al though you can’t compare to Sonata full options (resale is not everything) but this model is much better than previous one. Thanks to Avalon and Lexus left out interior material at least they can use it some where (Camry 2012).

  2. Looks like Toyota wants to attract DriveArabia users who might have been put off by the re-design. Honestly, this new shape hasn’t caught on as much as a typical new Camry should here in Saudi. Not to mention the price has gone up over the years with some worthy competitors entering the market, both better looking & with better features.

  3. Sat in one of these models earlier in the week and I some how feel my 2004 camry might have larger cabin space.

  4. it looks better with 17 inch alloys

  5. useless and overpriced…

  6. do not get a real shape of the car …but Camry rules the road … and as usual it seems like the perfect car for the rental fleet….

  7. I reckon many people would buy this car if it wasnt used as by the taxi companies. Im not impressed by the design because the back of the car looks like the Honda Civic, however I like the interior. A big improvment compared to the old one. Price went up but so did the options it comes with.

  8. @mash

    have you noticed the quality of leather stiching?

    • Author

      What about it? Seems fine to me on the seats and dash. On the radio sides, it is fake “stitches” moulded in.

  9. this is my mum car it is good car.camry2012 ilove you too muth

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