Competition: Win Senna DVD and McLaren USB card

Competition: Win Senna DVD and McLaren USB card

Ayrton Senna, considered by some as the greatest Formula 1 driver ever, died in a crash during a race on May 1, 1994. SENNA is a tightly-edited documentary about his life, chronicling his early years as a race right up till his death, using only video footage, most of behind-the-scenes incidents never seen before, and there is no commentary. To commemorate his achievements, we’re giving away one Senna DVD and a card-shaped 1 GB McLaren USB, both gifts we received from McLaren Automotive last year.

To enter the competition, simply leave ONE comment below on this page. Please use your correct email address when posting the comment, so that we can contact you if you win. The winner will be chosen at random by a computer. Additional comments by the same user, IP address or email address will be deleted.

The contest ends on Sunday, the 20th of May, 2012. The winner will be announced on Monday, May 21.

The contest is open to residents of the UAE only.

Update: The winner is Ezzy.


  1. win win 🙂

  2. Hope I’m the lucky winner of these valuable gifts!

  3. Luck by chance…!!! 🙂

  4. i want!i want

  5. Awesome! I want 🙂

  6. Simply brave guy.

  7. thats a nice looking USB

  8. SENNA …the first and last perfectionist….

  9. Senna!!! A great F1 driver!!!! And a mclaren usb card!!! Wow!!!

  10. Ayrton is the GOAT!

  11. DA Competitions are back! Me want! RIP the legend, Ayrton Senna. Look what Hamilton has made out of McLaren now. 🙁

  12. I need it! Its grt to have a legend DVD.

  13. A salute to the champ, Senna.

  14. mclaren usb card looks amaazing. i want it

  15. Missed his racing, will sure enjoy the CD

  16. Nice USB , I’ll get it !

  17. HELLO!!

  18. Awesome…… 😀

  19. Long live Senna! 🙂

  20. I want the Senna movie if its in English 🙂

  21. Hope to get it

  22. McLaren USB card looks good !

  23. 1 comment 😀

  24. Born PetrolHEAD!!! 🙂

  25. *standing in line* reward the obedient fella..

  26. !!!!!

  27. gotcha !!! 😀

  28. One Comment

  29. Epic honestly

  30. Ayrton Senna, A legend in F1 history. Salute.

  31. 😀 😀 😀

  32. Comment!!!

  33. The greatest F1 driver of all time!!

  34. Senna & McLaren

  35. one comment 😛

  36. You live in our hearts, Senna..

  37. Hope im the lucky one 🙂

  38. wow this is free competition. thanks in advance DA

  39. If he was alive today, Formula 1 would have been something different.. More fierce I would say and not just running around the trac in expensive cars!!

  40. would be good to win this 🙂

  41. Champion of all times!!!

  42. Comment Comment Comment!!!!

  43. WIN< WIN < WIN


  45. In Every Sport there are heroes…

    Football – Maradona
    Tennis – Federer
    Golf – Tiger Woods

    For Formula 1, there’s only the one and only,

    Ayrton Senna

  46. Nakikiramay ako sa mga naiwan ni Ayrton! Nawa’y masaya ka na kung san ka man naroroon!”

  47. Aryton = LEGEND Nuff Said 🙂

  48. E-P-I-C

  49. Aryton Senna is by FAR the MOST SKILLED F1 Racing car driver,which makes him THE BEST of all time.

  50. i hope i am the winner

  51. SENNA a true sportsman.

  52. Looks awesome!

  53. Senna This World Need U
    This F1 Need U
    We Fans Need U
    Plz Come Back

  54. Best of times f1 driver
    May god rest his soul in peace

  55. Gimme the DVD. At least then I won’t have to torrent it 😛

  56. i want the dvdiiiiiiii!!!!

  57. Hope such a great man can come back to life.::

  58. Senna is a legend, His name is enough!!!!

  59. returning to DA after 3 months or so :)….i deserve it now 🙂

  60. Good Luck For All

  61. Senna was the biggest pimp in the history of pimps.
    i hope i win

  62. Fast and furious….

  63. It’s so good of Mclaren to give goodies for my favorite car website (drivearabia)to gift to their regular readers.Way to go!!!!!!!………

  64. Such a great man… Top Gear’s tribute that came out before the movie was epic as well (especially when Hamilton got to drive Senna’s car, and then acknowledged that he could not imagine pushing it to its limits)

    Any way, I could really use a USB at the moment :p

  65. Hello everyoneeee!!!!! =D

  66. would love to know more about ayrton senna

  67. GREAT !!!

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