BMW showcase Z4 Zagato Coupe at Villa d’Este

BMW showcase Z4 Zagato Coupe at Villa d’Este

The Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este held on the scenic shores of Lake Como in northern Italy is amongst the best places for automotive manufacturers to showcase their offerings and that is what BMW intends to do with their Zagato Coupe concept.

In previous episodes of the annual show, BMW displayed many a show-stopper concepts like the M1 Hommage and the 328 Hommage as a throw back to tradition and history. But for this year, their special collaboration with renowned Italian coachbuilder Zagato is seen in the Zagato Concept.

The BMW Zagato Coupé is a one-off concept and it is far from being kit-car quality. The proportions have been aerodynamically optimised and the vehicle is fully road-registered in Germany, and has already undergone high-speed testing at BMW’s own test facility.

The Bavarian auto manufacturer has disclosed little about the chassis and performance figures, so all we know is that is based on the Z4 Roadster and the hand-crafted aluminium shape is of greater prominence than the mechanicals.

The Zagato Coupé concept aptly embodies stylistic attributes of both BMW and Zagato, reminiscing a tradition of collaboration that dates to the 1959 BMW 3200 Michelotti Vignale through to the Giugiaro-designed M1 of 1978.

Some interesting design details have infused into the car from the twin-kidney grille; a mesh is made up of little Zs to the double-bubble roof; a trademark of Zagato styling originally intended to accommodate a racing helmet in early designs; to the Kamm tail that both BMW and Zagato call their own.

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  1. This is one Gorgeous coupe. Good job by BMW & Zagato

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