Toyota 86 prices released for UAE

Toyota 86 prices released for UAE

UAE dealer prices for the all-new Toyota 86 have been released, at the GCC launch event in Abu Dhabi. There are four model variants that are officially available, although Al Futtaim Motors says the available options might change in the future, depending on demand.

The base model starts at Dhs 95,000 for a 6-speed manual gearbox and a limited-slip diff. Standard features include cloth sports seats, halogen headlights, fog lamps, CD/MP3 stereo, Bluetooth, manual a/c, common power accessories and 16-inch alloy wheels with 205/55 tyres, as well as a stability control system with three modes, ABS and a full set of front, side, curtain and knee airbags.

The next model is exactly the same as above, but for Dhs 100,000, it comes with 6-speed automatic version, without paddle-shifters and without a limited-slip differential.

The mid-range model retails for Dhs 115,000, and comes with an automatic with paddle-shifters, a limited-slip diff, auto a/c, HID headlights, smart keyless entry with starter button, extra digital speedo, cruise control and 17-inch alloys with 215/45 tyres.

The top model, for Dhs 125,000, additionally gets a coloured front grille and rear bumper garnish, some tacked-on fins on the C-pillar, leather upholstery, and floor illumination.

There will be a full TRD body kit offered eventually that will cost extra.

For mechanical specifications, visit the Toyota 86 buyer guide.

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  1. Well Priced 🙂

  2. Are USB and AUX standard on all models? Also, it seems there’s no navigation or any touchscreen throughout the range? Excellent pricing though!

  3. now thats killer!! Welcome back, Toyota & Al Futtaim…and pls, keep going this way..

  4. I wish that the manual trans is offered with the same options of the 115,000 version. (cruise control, start stop button and HID lamps.

    • Yeah, I agree with Essa

    • Couldn’t agree more.

      I sincerely wish that Al-futtaim brings the Five-Axis FRS bodykit (see at, from the awesome FRS concept, being sold at Scion dealers in the USA here in Dubai,U.A.E.

      The now confirmed for UAE but ‘IMO’ slightly tackier TRD kits don’t really hold a candle to the Fivead people, also responsible for designing the FRS concept.

    • I like the Five-Axis FRS bodykit

    • Hi Essa,
      I’m glad you liked it too. Frankly, I’m on a crusade with @Toyota_UAE on twitter to somehow convince them to get the Five-Axis kit in Dubai. I hope someone listens. Here’s some recent HQ pictures of the FiveAxis bodykit on a black Scion FRS.

      I’d love to get me that kit officially in UAE so it is covered under Toyota warranty etc.

  5. not sure why this “hyundai-ish from 90ies”- looking car is a killer, but pricing wise they sound reasonable, agree.

  6. AED 125k = $34k!!!! Way too overpriced!!!

    I would rather go for the Gti which is way more refined and has more options!

    Al Futtaim you greedy b****ds!

    • I dont think that Toyota would give Al Futtaim the full advantage of operating in a monopoly. I am sure they have control on the prices they sell and the profit margin he operates with. This happens with Mercedes Middle East.

    • A fully loaded 86 sells for under $30k in the US!
      Hopefully Subaru brings the BRZ to UAE cheaper than the 86

    • First of all you are comparing Apples with Mangoes.. You know GTI is FWD with 2.0 Turbo does not to 60 is 7 Secs. Toyota 86 is RWD & has 2.0 Direct Injection engine does not to 60 around 6’ish (As per initial reviews)

      What would you go for ?

      I would go for a coupe that’s fun to drive on corners not a car this is mean’t for straight drives only.

      In my opinion all people in UAE complain for not having a RWD Toyota’s like one we had back in days (80’s & 90’s), so this car is answer to all car enthusiast.

      Rest let the car come and wait for Mash’s expert review till we can come to final conclusion.

      Cheers.. !

  7. lol at the people who are saying reasonably priced. it is overpriced!!
    you really think al futtaim or any greedy car dealer here will price a car properly? no way!!

  8. why should i pay 125k for a 2.0 when i can get a mustang 3.7 or genesis coupe 3.8 for the same price?

    • there is no manual in genesis coupe – thanks to dealers. and the musty 3.7 is for the dragsters; it can only do the straights right; in the turns, all it will see is the dust from 86.

    • “why should i pay 125k for a 2.0 when i can get a mustang 3.7 or genesis coupe 3.8 for the same price”

      Coz it Japanese ;D


  10. amazing video

  11. I don’t think all the blame should be on Al Futtaim. Most cars are more expensive in the UAE compared to US prices. I think BMWs are worse. The 3 series is over 200K and the new M5 is 615K. That’s just ridiculous!

  12. Well, I was planning on buying a camaro v6 this summer as my first car. Until I saw this one, I am having a 2nd thoughts right now. Clearly, I can save about 30,000 Dhs. In addition, from what I had searched about this car, there is nothing wrong with it. Well suitable price.

  13. hellboy

    check out the Motor Trend comparo of thr V6 Mustang and Subaru BRZ

    • well..uhh..would like to ask ém to drive a V6 musty “without” the Track Pack – nevertheless, they still complain of body roll! I have driven one over here, manual, without a track pack and barebones stock; its a fun car as a matter of fact, easy to swing the tail and lots of power! But like the pros in the video said, its not a pure driving enthusiast’s car; it would serve the amateur speed demons better..

  14. dis car is awesome!! nd i just wanna drive it but i m just 10 years old……….:(
    anyways ma bro is buying 86 midrange in 115,000 nd in the left og the 10,000 he is putin super charger……….. just love that car!!……

  15. Is getting narrow black stripes on the car illegal in dubai? Where can i get them ? and is the floor illumination and leather worth the extra 10 grands?

    Also, what is the purpose of those fins? are they functional??

  16. This car can properly drift with traction off!! just be careful u dont bang into a shurta when doing such stunts ;P

  17. 125 k is to expensive, ford mustang gt 5.0 is 135 standard option

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