Renault Duster 2012 launched in Abu Dhabi

Renault Duster 2012 launched in Abu Dhabi

The 2012 Renault Duster, quite possibly the cheapest SUV currently on sale in the region, was officially launched in Abu Dhabi, after its debut in Dubai a couple of weeks ago. Interestingly, the Duster is slightly cheaper in Abu Dhabi than in Dubai. The Abu Dhabi dealer is Al Masaood Automobiles.

The Renault Duster is powered by a 135 hp 2.0-litre engine, mated to either a 4-speed automatic with front-wheel-drive, or if special-ordered, a 6-speed manual with all-wheel-drive.

The basic “PE” 4×2 is being offered in Abu Dhabi for Dhs 48,500, or Dhs 100 less than in Dubai. The well-specced “SE” 4×2 version is the one being heavily promoted in the capital, with a price of Dhs 53,500, as opposed to Dhs 56,000 in Dubai. The Abu Dhabi dealer even seemed to hint that the all-wheel-drive version could be ordered for well under Dhs 60,000, while it costs around Dhs 64,500 in Dubai.

We hear the Duster is already sold out in Dubai, and is generating a great deal of interest among UAE car buyers.

Keep track of GCC specs and prices in the Renault Duster buyer guide.

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  1. Saw one on Monday for this money it looks worth.

  2. Overall, this package is cool…It just is a fantastic deal…

  3. sold out??? :S …is it tat they never bought in more than 20 units, or is it really selling like hot cake?

  4. looks good outside but opposite in the inside, just simple and practical. Price here in Qatar around 55k QR for the mid SE version, not bad 🙂

  5. well built and reasonably priced..Much better choice than Korean cars.

  6. korean counterparts like the sportage and ix35 are still better

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