Land Rover and Bowler make their marriage official

Land Rover and Bowler make their marriage official

Their relationship was quite obvious. After all they’ve had a long-distance romance for a while now. Nevertheless, Bowler and Land Rover have signed a two-way agreement for the good of the duo.

The agreement gives Land Rover more presence in the hardcore off-road arena and gives Bowler direct access to parts and engineering. The move isn’t very surprising though, considering that Bowler took on Land Rover’s ex-chief engineer Steve Haywood at Land Rover, to lead the production of its new vehicle.

While Bowler has been using Land Rovers as base vehicles for years, the company hasn’t made a big deal of it. From now on though, Bowlers like the current ‘EXR’ and street-legal ‘EXR-S’ will wear “Powered by Land Rover” badges. The LR name is also expected to appear in Bowler’s marketing materials.

We may also witness Bowlers appearing at Land Rover events that include demonstrations of just what LR components can ultimately do off-road. And with the ‘EXR’ variant producing 300 hp and 582 Nm of torque, and the ‘EXR-S’ producing 550 hp and 750 Nm of torque with the same 5.0 litre V8, should help promote Land Rover’s power-packed engine as well.

In return of course, Land Rover engineers will work directly with Bowler on its products providing development support. Good idea? Should be for Bowler, because it will now be able to stand along with Land Rover in the market, without being plagued by lack of spare components and aftermarket issues.

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