Hyundai now among the top-selling brands in the GCC

Hyundai now among the top-selling brands in the GCC

Hyundai, one of the world’s fastest-growing automakers, has announced its best ever first-half year sales for the Middle East region. The company registered an increase of 13% in total sales compared to the first six months of 2011, selling 161,554 vehicles. But the sales numbers for each country are more interesting.

While Hyundai enjoyed increased sales in almost all of the GCC and Levant countries, Kuwait topped the charts with 127% growth. Bahrain experienced a massive 99% increase in sales, while the UAE saw sales shoot up by 77%, Qatar by 60% and Oman by 48%. With 56,118 cars leaving the showroom so far this year, Saudi Arabia remains Hyundai’s biggest market in the region, recording a 16% leap in sales. Among the Levant countries, Lebanon and Jordan also enjoyed strong starts to the year with sales up 32% and 31% respectively.

Hyundai is especially proud that the company’s luxury cars, the Centennial and the Genesis, have experience a combined 60% increase in sales, although these numbers do not mean much, since we already how few these cars are selling.

The truth is the Hyundai Accent sedan continues to be the company’s biggest-selling model across these countries, as sales are up 76% with 35,143 units being sold, partially helped by fleet sales.

We hear Hyundai is second only to Toyota in some of the GCC countries, while it is third in the UAE behind Nissan in terms of sales.

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  1. really! i thought a lot of people hate hyundai-kia.

  2. Hyundai-Kia sells a lot because they are very clever and unfair to the buyer at the same time. They came with cheaper, cool looking cars, good options but they cut down on safety. ABS and 2 airbags are top versions features for them. Shamefull.

    • do most consumers bother about ABS and airbags anyway? Do most of them even know what these are? Mitch, we must admit that we even have people who do not know a crap further to the name Toyota / Nissan / Honda, when it comes to anything automotive. Them, and even a few who knows about these technologies, but just do not bother about the “possible unexpected”, cover a majority of the consumer lot in the UAE. If they knew about the automotive safety technologies, then forget the Koreans, even the Japanese wouldn’t have sold so many cars; instead, brands like Volvo, Ford, Jeep, Chrysler etc. would have been the most in demand.

    • Vivek, check out any Hyundai websites for Europe. The cheapest Elantra comes with 6 airbags, ABS and ESP. In UAE, Hyundai is shamefull because is taking advantage of people lack of safety culture and knowledge. Its not ppl’s fault is the manufacturer’s who knows better.

    • agree with that, but at the end of the day, what are they aiming for – money or charity? If they choose to bring in the safety tech, and price their lineup much higher than what it is now, they’ll just lose out the competition to the ruling Japs, as most of the consumers dont even want to hear anything about safety from the salesmen. And soon they will be forced to join hands with the European and American brands in watching the sales figures stay in the lows. They know for sure that a difference of 5k-10k from the Japanese models, is not going to bring them any success. So they skimp on safety tech, which sadly enough, people dont care about anyway.

    • Out in Europe, people are well aware of the advantages of the safety technologies, which is why the European brands still rule the market. Brands such as Ford, VW, Renault, Citroen, Seat etc. sell well there (going by stats), just because of this.

    • Not really Vivek. As I said Hyundai offers the same safety features in Europe as Citroen, VW, Renault, Seat. The difference is made by running costs, tax, fuel costs, realiability, design preferance etc. European car brands rule the market ‘cos they are cheaper than the korean-japanese brands thanks to a importation tax that protects the UE brands. In regards to safety they are all on the same page otherwise Hyundai would have no chance there trying to sell cars with no ABS. Auto media would be on fire.

    • Yea, they do have things like ABS and airbags, but when it comes to other passive safety features, including a rigid occupant cell and uncompromising framework, I guess they are still behind the Europeans, though it is only a matter of time for them to close the gap.

    • Just to add on the issue of the airbags..blame it on the government. In the US and UK, the standard requirement is 2 airbags. side airbags and passenger airbags are not required, but theres a government agency (in the US) that rates each cars in terms of safety. Thus, car makers tend to add more airbags and other safety features to get the highest rating which they will use to market their cars. in UAE, i think there is no such law. to compare hyundai/kia with its europe or US counterparts, need to compare other cars as well. even corolla has side airbags in the US. Chevy cruze even has 10 airbags in the US. here in UAE, theres only 2. Should the government enforce this, all car prices will increase, and i think hyundai/kia will still be the cheapest in its class, even with 6 airbags.

  3. sounds like samsung vs. sony story all over again.

  4. Kia and Hyundai are nothing but disposable cars..

    • Nothing is in disposable except the almighty, forget about Kia, Hyundai, Nissan, Toyota even you won’t live forever, chill down, all brands have fan boys, there will be people supporting as well as against it. However it’s the manufacturer who will face loss or sell in millions, every manufacturer has his bad days and glorious days. Forgot, how was Toyota bashed when recession started with brake pedals, cheap quality and what not, same thing with Americans, followed by all manufacturers calling their cars of engine fault , brake fault, airbag fault, suspension fault and what not, see how things have improved and quality changed. Sometimes things happen for good.

  5. Iam not surprised with this result!!!My friend was hunting for a car in 60-80k range. We checked Honda, Chevrolet, Mazda and he wanted to check Kia & Hyundai since they were next door. I was shocked to see the number of people (mixed nationalities)enquiring for Hyundai & Kia .Hyundai had completely sold out on 2012 models of the Sonata and waiting for 2013 models . Kia Optima 2012 was sold out and the first lot of 2013 was already out of stock.Iam not supporting these cars but must admit Panoramic roof was something which nobody could not even dream having it a mid range car.Consumer’s mindset is changing!!!

  6. i almost went azera over maxima 2k12 azera at 118K vs Maxima Mid grade was far more gadget loaded than maxima in every way heck even had bloody kick ass massage seats…but 4 months into my exp with maxima i went back looking for azera as i was not enjoying my maxima due to its bloaty design ( for driveing for looks its the best thing ever ) and yes i admit the CVT is really taking time to grow. i got in a 4000KM demo and boy i felt shocked the car in just under 4k looked so beatup and abused i was shocked yes it looks amazing in showroom but you dont expect to pay 120k and see trims on ur steering disfigured, color fading and whole lot of other messed up stuff azera looked way to classy in show room and after so little use looked worse than say maybe hyundai of yester years!!! and engine was so so so dull i dont want to even talk about!! my current maxima is my 5th * been driving since 3rd gen and boy i tell u i ran back to my maxima like a kid going back to mum after being scared n surprised…n from that day on..i aint complaining of any thing on my maxima! far far far proper hi quality car for the price!

    • Can’t say any thing about your expirance with test car. But when I sit in Maxima my knees are touching Dash even seat was full back. But in sonata even space is that much I can straight my legs. Any way Its all about expirance my expirance with Hyundai Sonata is amazing …. 125km done in 1.5 years still love it and with my decision on day first I have saved almost 25k-30k AED. This what is called value for money.

  7. nissan maxima is lame.. a front well drive it nothing more than a fat altima… it used to be a legend… but not any more.

  8. Guys maxima is lame but take a look at the 2012 toyota aurion ……its awesome

  9. the jap car fanboys sound desperate here. lol

  10. A lot of the success here for any brand is related to the distributor’s ability.

    And for years, Toyota and Honda have been doing a stellar job keeping customer’s happy, whereas the Hyundai distributor was hopeless at even selling the car, much less endearing it to the customer.

    And now, when management changes and they figure out what they’ve been missing out on… things fall into place.

  11. agree on hyunadi sales dudes in dubai…. they suck big time.. they more fit to be in a government clerk job,

  12. Service maintenance is worst! Imagine, I booked my KIA Rio for 10,000kms service and found out that 2weeks prior to my call is all full. That freaks me out also when i went to Al Quoz branch for service last 5,000kms without booking and they didnt accept my car. They should expand their facilities, so that they can engage with the walk in customers as well. I should have bought a Japanese car whereas local companies handling these are better in accepting services.

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