So we got a 2012 Toyota 86

So we got a 2012 Toyota 86

The Toyota 86 is probably the most overhyped sports car in history, reaching legendary cult status long before it was even launched, theoretically outrunning everything from Porsches to F-16s in the sell-as-much-magazines-as-possible media. Everybody keeps talking about how it marks the return of the Toyota “AE86” or whatever, even though no one even heard of that piece-o-dung 1984 Corolla coupe before it starred in an overblown-but-awesome Japanese cartoon called Initial D in 1999. It’s pretty easy for Toyota to make a better car than that, especially if half the parts are from Subaru. So how good is this car?

Very. When we received the test car, we were initially put off by the pepsi/coffee/poop stains on the centre-console and the popped-out handbrake assembly of our base manual test car, made worse by its occasionally-notchy shifter and the half-worn rear tyres. But then we stretched its legs a bit more. And it was pretty impressive.

But first, a word on practicality. The rear seats are useless. The boot floor has a tyre sticking out of it. And there are two cup-holders just where your elbow would knock your drinks off.

As for the drive, well, we are in the enviable position of owning an honest-to-goodness minty-fresh Honda S2000, the previous decade’s overhyped-sports-car title holder. Comparo, anyone?

What do you think?



  1. Hello,

    Reporting from; Dubai based, Toyota 86 & Subaru BRZ community of the Middle East.

    We are looking forward for someone to finally put the S2000 & 86 in comparison. I do agree that the car was over-hyped and I expected you to mention something about that. It also sounds like the previous driver, abused the crap out of this demo 86.

    Even we complained about the huge PR/Marketing hype on our own blog, so basically as car enthusiasts we do read each others minds:

    Alas, we look forward for the full comparison.

  2. i made a comparo for the toyota 86 vs mustang 5.0, check it out guys:

    • CONGRATS FOR YOUR MUSTANG! I am glad you feel the car fills a gap and a length you dearly miss!

      You made the right choice and your review proves that your big powerful ‘stang is inversely proportional to your manhood if not brains…

    • No need Mustang 5.0 is far way better than this any way there in no match with respect to price even.

    • Nice review. what about Mustang V6 vs 86 in the handling and ride?

  3. waiting for the comparo.
    i personally thing the ft86 is a pos and it does not excite me one bit.
    give me an s2000 any day.

    on a different note, that location is the same place where wheels magazine tested there cars as well. where is it?

  4. Is there no comparo in here??…..

  5. this car is so cheap compared to the specification

  6. Everything is nice on this car ,exterior is excellent, fine handling but too weak and underpowerd!

  7. Its a sheep in the skin of wolf!

  8. Golf GTI still seems a better pick than 86 due to its practicality and specifications….its sucks that Toyota didnt put a bigger engine in there…

  9. have to admit dispite the age the S2000 is better…

  10. You are right about how media “over-hyped” the 86. To me it’s just Toyota’s another way of having their product in every car category. But nevertheless I am dying to know if this little car is half as good as they say it is. Can it be everyday track car? Is it better than Honda S2000? Is the ride comfortable? Does it touch the speed hump’s? Please include those in your full review.

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