Kia Cerato redesign bows for 2013

Kia Cerato redesign bows for 2013

The all-new version of the Kia Cerato compact sedan, also known as Forte in some countries and as the K3 in Korea, has been revealed. It took long enough for Kia to get their own version of their parent company’s ground-breaking new Hyundai Elantra.

Longer, lower and wider than the current car, with an extended wheelbase, the 2013 Kia Cerato has an all-new bodyshell structure. The exterior features LED front and rear lamps, while there are promises of “improved quality, upgraded equipment, a more spacious cabin and a revised engine line-up that delivers class-leading fuel economy.” We suspect markets such as Saudi Arabia, Oman and the UAE will get the same 148 hp 1.8-litre engine as found in the Elantra.

After going on sale in Korea later this year, the new Cerato sedan will appear at Kia dealerships in many other markets during the first quarter of 2013, possibly even in the GCC.

For UAE info, check out the Kia Cerato buyer guide.

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  1. Love itttt.. M lOving kia now..

  2. Now I want Korean cars haters (japanese lovers) to come and say they would buy corolla over this !!!!! what an amazing design, it is the best looking car KIA ever made and also the best looking car in its segment

  3. nice compact city car.

  4. @Samer: Your wish fulfilled

    Kia Cerato looks like a good car but it does not come close when you talk about Corolla’s reliability and resale value. I would rent this car once in a while if it is tat gud but would buy a Corolla over this.

    • @Awad

      Who said corolla has good reliability, do remember when they first used as taxis (I mean this latest shape), they disappeared after few months, My friend bought corolla and he is a very careful driver who takes care of the car, when I ride with him the other day (only 2 years after he bought the car) you can hear all kinds of rattles coming out of the dash and doors’ lining, when he turns the steering wheel you can hear the drive shaft joints squeaking and making this weird sounds damaged ball joints, he also got a problem with the AC and brakes, so … enjoy it, go and buy your corolla

  5. i prefere corrola or tida over this car

    only because of resale value

  6. kia: “hey bmw released the new f30 3er, lets copy their headlamp design”..

  7. nice car. resale value of kia cars are good nowadays

  8. I am curious to see how the Koup version will look like! … KIA & Hyundai are taking the flag from Japanese… well done!

  9. let me know about it’s price specially in Dubai and Oman

  10. All you japanese lovers car will soon bow to korean cars… you may not buy their cars now but soon

    Korean cars will dominate the japanese

  11. Let me tell u I used Kia I no how good it is so all this toyota u guys are talking about is rubbish cos me I didn’t see any different is only name and very soon if they ask u to choose a car u will prefer Kia modern Toyota I tell u.

  12. go ahead with corrola and dont remove those original plastics covering the seats. that will definitely improve the resale value. japs fanboys are car traders and dont actually enjoy their cars (im referring to those that are still on denial that koreans are stealing the show nowadays). from the get go, they only think of selling their cars after 2 years. i love japs cars (specially honda) but when go pair, example, civic against cerato or elantra (they are not even on the same league), damn, at least AED 15k difference. and somehow, i think service cost is actually cheaper. just had my 10,000km service last week and it costs me only AED 330.

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