Indian tuner makes Range Rover Evoque out of Tata Safari

Indian tuner makes Range Rover Evoque out of Tata Safari

Big Daddy Customs of India took it upon themselves to make the overpriced Range Rover Evoque more available to the masses. So they built one out of a common Indian SUV.

The ‘Moon Rover’ is essentially an Indian-built Tata Safari SUV made to look like a Range Rover Evoque, only from the front, at a low angle, ideally in low light and assuming you have never seen a real Evoque or the donor vehicle before. Ironically, Tata Motors owns Land Rover.

In terms of dimensions, the Evoque is a couple of inches wider than a Safari, but the Safari is nearly a foot longer and more than a foot taller. But given what Big Daddy had started with, it’s not an entirely dreadful-looking thing.

The Evoque’s signatures have been reasonably approximated, and the “custom white paint job” is part of the package. Interior for the vehicle remains the same and nothing’s been changed inside, but according to the company’s Facebook page, everything except the glass housing area has been modified in the body shell.

Anyways, looking at it, we don’t think Land Rover will have a problem with the Moon Rover’s design.

What do you think?



  1. looks awefull….

    oh wait… Jai Hind?

  2. Looks Damn Good, and yes Jai Jai Hind…I am a Proud Indian

    • No offence to Indians or anything…but that is one ugly looking thing!! much like that stupid steel rail thing some one built in London! God its just awful!

  3. Lol nice work here n yea Pakistan zindabad too:)

  4. Lol at the rear…..ftw !

  5. mera bharat mahan

  6. JOY BANGLA – woohoo!

  7. yuk the rear looks awful. Daddy Moon Rover? LOL Pedophile!

  8. That Leepu from ‘Bangla Bangers’ comes up with better stuff…

  9. guys i know this is irrelevant to the subject

    why there is no A8 showing for new models

  10. that man Leepu surprises every time and this time he came up with the Hummer HX built from a scrap pajero , for the recent chopped cars and more info join him at

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