Lexus ES350 and ES250 new 2013 models in UAE

Lexus ES350 and ES250 new 2013 models in UAE

The Lexus ES range, essentially the luxury version of the Toyota Camry, but you’d never know it just by looking at it, has been revamped for the 2013 model year, and it is now available in the GCC, with the UAE launch taking place today.

Interestingly, the ES will now be available with two engines, one being the Camry-sourced 181 hp 2.5-litre 4-cylinder for the ES 250, and the other being the Aurion-sourced 272 hp 3.5-litre V6 for the ES 350. The car now has a 45 mm longer wheelbase, with further interior enhancements increasing legroom inside the cabin, as well as better suspension and a revised 6-speed automatic.

Features-wise, there is an optional new multimedia system with navigation and a remote-touch joystick, similar to the one in the pricier Lexus GS, while cabin materials have been stepped up a notch, for the most part. Standard features include 17-inch alloys, HID headlights, leather upholstery of various grades, Bluetooth, dual-zone auto a/c and 10 airbags.

There is only one grade for the ES 250 that retails for Dhs 155,000, while the ES 350 starts at Dhs 185,000 and goes up to Dhs 220,000.

Keep track of updates in the Lexus ES buyer guide.

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  1. My least preferred amongst all the Lexus sedans..

    But I must say… A decent job… & a welcome change/facelift! 🙂

  2. I pay 50,000 more for a re-branded Camry or Aurion.pfft

  3. After my experience with the Avalon (which is pretty much the same car) I took a decision not to buy any other front wheel drive car for the rest of my life …. but this decision will come very costly cause all rear wheel drive cars are expensive and I’m not finding anything suiting my budget except the 300C and the Dodge charger, now driving my wife’s tiida hoping that dodge change the retarded transmission in their RT or SRT models, lets hope they do that for the next year

    • Basing your FWD experience on a Avalon (and Tiida) is rather lame. Try a Ford Mondeo/Focus, Mazda 6, Golf GTi etc and you’ll realise the cars you’ve driven are just bad handling FWD cars.

    • mondeo is so good, that it is called poor man’s BMW in europe

    • I’m talking about my latest car and what I’m driving now, I change the car almost every year and drove many other cars in the last 6-8 years ranging from Yaris, Altima, Santa Fe, Malibu, camry, and chrysler concorde and the only RWD I drove was BMW 740 but that was a long time ago in my home country where beamers have good resale value and dont break down too much due to good cool weather, so I know the difference between FWD and RWD very well

    • I think those FWD cars you mentioned is not so worth to be compared with RWD cars.

    • I agree with Rahul here. All those cars are boats on wheels. Try out the previous generation Mondeo if you want to experience some real FWD fun… 😀

  4. Cadillac ATS priced around 155K for full options now why would we buy this front wheel driven car ???
    Btw ATS is a real wheel driven and All wheel drive is an option Try the new 2.0L turbo
    or the 3.6 litre V6 better fuel economy and better price overall much much better than the lexus or anything else 😛

    Caddy wins

  5. Damn!! this Lexus looks a lot like a Kia Roll out…

  6. This car is not based on the Camry. That was the last version. This car is based on the bigger Avalon chassis and has and extra 4″ of leg room plus a much firmer body so it handles much better. Not a Camry anymoe like the last version. Before putting something in priint verify your facts.

  7. saw it quite often in germany recently. doesnt look bad but it doesnt has any character. reminded me too much of kia and sorts

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