Infiniti FX Vettel Edition now available in UAE & GCC

Infiniti FX Vettel Edition now available in UAE & GCC

Infiniti has officially announced the availability of the limited edition FX Vettel Edition in the Middle-East. Only 50 units of the exclusive crossover will be sold in this region. The special edition FX was first introduced to us back in the Frankfurt Motor Show.

The FX Vettel Edition, as expected, was designed by Infiniti’s brand ambassador and reigning Formula One champion, Sebastian Vettel.

The ride features a 5.0-litre V8 producing 420 hp and an impressive 520 Nm of torque, a dry carbon-fibre aerodynamic package, unique 21 inch ‘BBS’ alloy wheels and a bespoke interior which was designed to Vettel’s own specifications.

It also comes with an aerodynamics package which was developed in collaboration with the gurus at Red Bull Racing. Sure enough, the extra works allows the FX to claim both sleeker aerodynamics (drag is reduced by 5%) and, thanks to the rear spoiler, an additional 30% downforce.

The FX Vettel Edition has a retail price of almost Dhs 500,000 and is limited to a total of 50 units here in the UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia and rest of the GCC. Deliveries are slated to begin in early 2013.

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  1. 500K !! .That’s too too much !
    I love this car a lot,but there’s no way I’d pay 500K for it.IDC if it’s a a special edition or not.The price is ridiculous.

  2. too much price…

  3. 500K!!!. I will get BMW for this even without Vettel

  4. so no real engine upgrades? Only 30 more hp, some aero stuff on the body. For doubling up the price of a regular FX50S, this one better have real carbon fiber inside on the dash!

  5. I’d rather buy a GTR and still have some spare change left. Then again if any automotive company manufactures a product in limited numbers and slap a fancy name and hefty price tag on it, its bound to catch the attention of a select few.

  6. The INFINITI VETTEL LIMITED EDITION is available for 365K AED in the dealer and I saw it there at Abu Dhabi

  7. Vettel Edition is a beauty and it’s power is way better than other compact crossovers there. It’s limited edition and only 50 units are sold in the region. But, but, but, but….!!!! 500K? Seriously Infiniti? What were you thinking? There is absolutely no point in buying the Vettel edition for this price when you get much better options like Porsche Cayenne Turbo for 480K or an all new Range Rover Sport Supercharged for 480K.

  8. 500K !!! That’s too much for an infiniti ! I’ll buy S-class or 7 series or a Luxury Car not This !!

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