So we got a 2012 BMW 640i Gran Coupe

So we got a 2012 BMW 640i Gran Coupe

The “four-door coupe” trend continues, with BMW throwing their hat in the field. Essentially a flattened version of the 5-Series, or a four-door version of the 6-Series, whichever way you see it, the 640i Gran Coupe is the best-looking BMW sedan in the current range.

The most interesting thing about this specific car is that it is a one-of-a-kind example with a custom matte paintjob. This was the show car used for display at the local showroom launch event.

Inside, the custom job continues with a white-and-brown upholstery job that covers everything from the alcantara roof to the leather-covered ashtray.

Even in so-called “coupe” form, the 6-Series remains reasonably practical, with a good-sized boot and decent rear legroom.

However, the back only seats two, thanks to the rear a/c console that extends all the way into the back seat. Yet BMW insists on calling it a “4+1” seater. If push comes to shove, we guess an extra person could stretch and sit in the middle, with the cool a/c air directed right at their nether regions.

The Gran Coupe is an attractive car, even without this kind of uber-expensive BMW Individual treatment done to it. And it remains entertaining to drive, just like every other BMW. More in the full review.

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  1. “However, the back only seats four” – I guess it should be two.

    Nice one BTW.

  2. loving it

  3. I would kill to get that interior, God I like it …. btw, no plans to hold a new DA meeting soon? maybe after Eid would be nice?

  4. Interiors look the classiest. And I must say it sure is the best looking BMW in the current lineup. Unfortunately their current pricing is a bit too optimistic

  5. wah they gave you my car lols same spec from paint to rims dose it have night vision active cruse control lane departure warning this one cost 470 k after discount in abu dhabi motors they said only 2 avalabule in AD how about Dubai how many with the same spec are there lols i thought mine was special.

    • Author

      This was the launch-event car. Anyone can order it in this spec if they’re willing to pay and then wait.

  6. A/C directed at their ‘nether regions’!!…

    Will freeze out there!! :)..

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