Car crash ignites petrol station in Dubai

Car crash ignites petrol station in Dubai

A fire broke out at an ENOC petrol station yesterday on Emirates Road, when a car lost control and crashed into one of the vehicles already fuelling at the station.

According to Gulf News, two cars were burnt, and the roof of the petrol station staton had started melting off. Fortunately no one was injured during this mishap. The incident was reported at 3:52 pm, and within seven minutes the Dubai Civil defence had fire trucks, police cars and ambulances at the location.

The station had an automatic shut-off system which turned off the fuel supply immediately as the accident occurred. While the incident got people caught up in an evening traffic jam, many of them saw clouds of thick smoke, heard loud sirens and police officials cordoning parts of the road.

Apparently everyone was evacuated in time and no one was injured. The petrol station is now shut down for investigation and eventual restoration.

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  1. Someone plays too much of Most Wanted. 😛

  2. Glad no one was injured. Well done to the staff for evacuating the place quickly…

  3. One less petrol station, just what we needed!

  4. glad no one was hurt!!

    still, the idiot causing this should be jailed for a long time (although this may never happen when it was one of the usual suspects)..

  5. there should be a couple of speed bumps to slow morons down who exit from the higway at 140kmph into the petrol station and cant brake as the surface near the pumps are slippery and the tyres cannot grip.

    also see what happens when your trying to update your status or chk your facebook on your blackberry or iphone while driving

  6. Petrol pumps should be designed such to avoid collisions.. from the above pictures, the pumps are almost on ground level, a car can accidently bump them on slow speed too while parking…Here in Saudi i have observed most(maybe all) pumps are on a 1-2 feet wall structure..

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