Honda Accord 2013 in sedan, coupe and hybrid trims

Honda Accord 2013 in sedan, coupe and hybrid trims

As one of the most successful cars of all time, Honda’s designers surely have gone through a dangerous phase designing the new Accord, not only because there is pressure from past and current owners who expect to be impressed, but because there are a whole slew of new buyers the automaker is looking to impress. But, with that in mind, the newly-designed Honda Accord is no disappointment.

Photos of the redesigned standard midsize sedan were released earlier last month. However, we now have pictures of every variant. That includes the sedan, the coupe, the sport sedan, and the plug-in hybrid.

We also learn that Honda will throw in a direct-injection 2.4-litre, in-line four-cylinder engine with 185 hp and 240 Nm of torque for the base models, apparently mated to a CVT automatic now, or even a new 6-speed manual gearbox. The ‘Sport’ trim bumps the power up to 189 hp and torque to 247 Nm. A 3.5-litre V6 with 278 hp and 341 Nm of torque, mated to a 6-speed automatic, tops out the regular range. A plug-in hybrid model is the real flagship in the United States market, with a unique front-end and the best fuel efficiency.

The new Accord is expected to hit UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman and the rest of the GCC sometime late this year.

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  1. nice looks but not that luxurious interior (Y)

  2. So glad I am sticking to my 7.5 gen.

  3. The sedan looks bit more like the old Hyundai Azera!

  4. Looks like Accord stole the rear lights from Genesis sedan.

  5. Why the exterior design and shape are copies of the old Hyundai Azera? the Japs are taking what the Koreans have abandoned just like the Koreans used to do in the 80’s with Honda designs:). pathetic, the interior is as dull as it used to be. very sad.

  6. Accord-ugly
    Altima- just okay

    Whats wrong with japs nowadays
    I guess mazda6 is the only next generation good looking japanese car.

  7. the new camry looks better!

  8. I’m going to sue Honda for this because I vomited on my laptop and it is not working anymore and all because of these photos

    • stop talking crap you Kia fan. Sue Honda, it seems. Honda will make you eat your own vomit off your laptop you fool

    • Stop overacting you dumbo

    • @ John …. why dont you respect yourself and others when you talk better than I come and shove my leg in your mouth? I said what i think and you say what you thing about the car without being offensive to others, it is a car after all … and BTW, I’m not KIA fan and never owned one, but when we criticize then we are looking for better, Japanese and no matter what brand it is are making good reliable cars but recently their prices are so high that they are not representing good value, besides they are visually ugly so when we praise Koreans for their “looks” we want to encourage Japanese to make better looking cars, have you seen the tail lights of full options KIA Picanto which costs only 40K? with its LED pipes and LED lights? this is what we mean …. if you have something personal with me then just tell me to give you my phone number next time so you keep this nice website free of your crap and rubbish

    • @samer .. How you found this car ugly is beyond me. There is a vast improvement from the previous generation of the Honda Accord but anyways I thought that my comment was in line with your ‘exaggerated’ vomit comment and is nowhere close to your aggressive “shoving a foot up someones mouth” comment.. So swallow it like a man.

    • @ John,,, the first part of your last reply is reasonable, but the last part you went back to talk crap, you should not take my first comment personally when i said “vomited” because this is what I think about the car and I’m free with that and I can say what I like as long as I didnt swear or insult any person “personally”, so do you see calling me “fool and the other a**hole who said dumbo is in line with me not liking Shit (Honda)? why should you bother even if i exaggerated with the vomit comment? I’m responding to you as man because you called me fool and I’m not going to swallow it as you say because I’m a MAN and I’m ready to prove that for you if you like

  9. I personally feel Hondas done a great job on the Accord design- external and internal. Build quality and finish should be great as is expected. Good to see the`ve added the start-stop push button with smart keyless entry. If I was looking for a sedan, the 3.5 V6 variant of this Accord wouldve been my next ride.

  10. actually, i like it quite a lot.

    compared to some of the other asian drives, this is easy on the eye i think.

  11. why you downvoted mohammad, he is right, the camry is better, especially the interior, though the new mazda 6 bests both of them

    • camry is horrible…what are you talking about…

      Honda played it safe with this Accord, they dont want to move away from there non-aggressive design themes…its still good looking without being overly designed…

      Cant believe you guys are fighting on a forum about a car you both might never own!!

  12. How reliable is the CVT?

  13. i love those leds, In picture it might not look that appealing, but on the road it will rock and i am damn so sure…
    The present accord will outclass camry and altima easily, And I m gonna buy Accord coupe, it looks so so stunning.
    Good interior and Good exterior
    atleast they have not used fake Leds like Kia optima…

    • Accord surely outclass the camry in the design aspect but as far as performance is concerned it is not to be predicted soon before the model is out in the market. Heard that Toyota has recalled 2012 camrys for fuel tank replacement in Qatar.

  14. Guys, doesn’t the hybrid model look beautiful???!!

    Haters gonna hate, but Accord is going to sell well!!! And with this sharper facelifts/mods to the current model, it’s definately going to do well!!!!!

  15. looks similar to the out going model… does not look special.. pity which at one time it used too…1989-1994 model.

    still hope they fixed the road noise and AC issues with this car…

  16. I have driven the 2009 accord for 3 yrs… The ac was decent and there was barely any road noise!!!! It’s definitely the best in the class!!

    • well..try other cars. Optima has better handling and NVH levels at a much lower price point; VW Passat offers much better comfort and luxury at similar price levels; Only when it comes to resale value and probably the space, the Accord has the edge. And btw, the new Camry bests the Accord in interior quality and on-road performance (the 2.4L model).

  17. Rahul

    road noise is something most critics have cited about the accord v camry or even the altima…. as a former owner, i know that.. and the AC oh well as long as it has covered park and you dont take out on 45 degrees afternoon time i am sure it works just fine….

    • the a/c issue was kinda sorted with the introduction of the US model..

      nevertheless, bro, you are the first former Honda owner as far as I know, to be in a sane and stable state of mind, giving spot on opinions. kudos to you :)..

    • @hell boy

      of course i am sane…

      that is why I left it and bought a prado…. 🙂

  18. Nice car, simple and elegant without any over design like the latest Hundai cars.
    The interior is decent, feel comfortable and workable. You can’t get it any better for the price category of the Honda.
    Honda did the CRV and MRV all worng, but they finally got it right for the accord.

  19. Basically I’m a Toyota fan. I really appreciate Honda for bringing out a design better than the 2012 camry. Cheers to Honda.

  20. @Samer I think you are being a bit inconsistent by saying the word “vomit” and trying to advice another guy who is reflecting the same. So stay cool and no offensive language.chill bro and no offense.

  21. @ Mash, When the 2013 Accord will be available in the showrooms? I am preparing to buy a 2012 Camry, suddenly the 2013 Accord interiors blocking me to do so….

  22. Dont buy Camry now. Wait ’till the new 2013 Mazda 6, Honda Accord, Nissan Altima come out. All new models to choose from in a few months. We are spoiled with choices this year.

  23. @mash

    when the new accord comes and when you get to review please look in these areas for us

    1) Road/cabin noise: Almost all the US car reviewers have reported signficant noise reduction as honda has deployed “noise cancelation technolgy”.. i think lifted this from the honda legend…

    2) AC performance : by the time it gets here it will be October/November and my guess you will review it in the cooler months.. I am not sure how you will be able to judge it…

    3) Brake fade: this is something honda accord has issues with, it brakes pads tend to fad fairly quickly by 20,000 km…let us know if they have improved this issue.

    • With reference to “Prado’s” above comments; having driven several leased and rented Honda Accords over the years, I’ve never come across AC performance issues but I can confirm there is cabin noise due to the wheels however very light and negligible. Brake pads, indeed they do fade off so very quickly.

    • “iron man”

      Hondas are noisely because they dont have sufficent sound proofing material on them in key areas (engine bay as an example) where noise is generated and makes it way to the cabin… Toyota knows how to do it best..and i believe they still do.

      and yes AC is an issue there ok if you are in Australia or US where it doest get hot as UAE… 45-50 degrees is when your AC turns into a fan…

      now you may be sitting alone but load up the car with 5 adults in mid day in May-Sept and go for spin and you will know exactly what i am talking about…

    • The higher-end Accords all have noise-cancelling tech, and it works fairly well.

    • I’m driving the accord for the past 4 has clocked 120k and eversince i switched from bridgstone to toyo i find the roadnoise a bit more but not that bad. I’m assuming the road noise has to do with the tyres. And yeah the worst thing about the accord are the brakes. it never lasts more than 20000kms.AC works fine so far.

  24. Hi Prado, I live in the UAE and were a family of 3. Driving Accords since 2003 and they were either mid or full options so Mash is surely onto something when he says higher end accords having noise cancelling tech
    But you are absolutely right about those darn brake pads 😉

  25. Honda SZR says accord is available in Jan 2013, Festival people say March 2013, its already being produced in USA, i think they want to clear out the stocks for 2012 before we get the 2013. Price now for a base 2012 is 78,000 AED..

  26. Hi Guys,

    What do you expect Honda Accord 2013 Sedan full options will cost in UAE.

    Which among the following is better deal among the following:-
    Camry 2012
    Honda Accord 2013
    Nissan Altima 2013
    Ford Taurus 2013

  27. I personnally feel that Nissan Altima 2013 edges a bit higher than Accord 2013 and Camry 2012……

    What do you all say.

    Please do not be biased while replying

  28. Any idea when the new Accord will be available in SA

  29. Hi

    now accord may cost around 133K full option.

    Over all quality and design should be bit more expensive for price we pay.

    I drive Honda, it is reliable car but maintenance is bit expensive.

    If you choose Avalon or Azera has comparative edge over new accord.

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