Speed radar in UAE set on fire

Speed radar in UAE set on fire

A newly-installed Ras Al Khaimah speed radar was set on fire last Wednesday during the early hours of the day.

According to an official, Ras Al Khaimah police received a call from someone informing them of the radar on fire, according to Gulf News. As part of the investigation, police have formed a special team to find and arrest the violator.

This isn’t the first time Ras Al Khaimah has experienced such an offence. Last year, an Emirati man set fire to a radar just 3 days after it was installed in the same location, as a revenge for hefty speeding fines imposed on him. While the radar was replaced at an expense of Dhs 250,000, the police continued investigations for 3 months before they finally arrested him.

Unfortunately, radars in Ras Al Khaimah have suffered abuse throughout last year, with some having their lens glasses smashed and others having paint sprayed on them.

Perhaps, it’s about time Ras Al Khaimah upgrades itself to using frequent mobile cameras than suffer regular monetary damage.

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  1. Hell yea hahahah

  2. its wrong to resort to fire. easy way to identify who set it on fire is to check the last few pics taken by the camera. you got the stupid arsonist right there on camera lol.

  3. Evolution of the Traffic Revolution!

  4. well they set fire to the mobile camera van with the officer inside here in saudi arabia. its gonna be worse.

  5. I remember someone shot a radar once…

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