2013 Hyundai Santa Fe officially launched in UAE

2013 Hyundai Santa Fe officially launched in UAE

Hyundai have officially launched the fully-redesigned 2013 Santa Fe in the UAE. While elsewhere, there are two variants – a 5-seater “Sport” model and a 7-seater long-wheelbase model — we here in the GCC are uniquely getting the smaller “Sport” variant this year first. Except that it won’t be called “Sport”, and they’ve actually stuffed seven seats into it too.

The Sante Fe comes here with the option of 2 engines – a 4-cylinder 2.4-litre producing 174 hp and 227 Nm of torque, and a V6 3.3-litre producing 266 hp and 318 Nm of torque. Two-wheel drive is standard in the base model, while four-wheel-drive is standard in all the higher models.

Feature-wise, the 2013 Sante Fe gets aplenty, with options such as panoramic sunroof, ventilated seats with heating and cooling, 8-inch screen, leather seats, start-stop engine button and automatic lights.

As many of you had noticed, the 2013 Hyundai Sante Fe has already hit the showrooms in the UAE and will probably do so in Saudi Arabia, Oman and other GCC countries in the coming days. Prices starts at Dhs 82,900 for the base 2.4-litre 2WD model and top out at Dhs 122,900 for the top 3.3-litre 4WD model, with several all-wheel-drive trim levels in between.

Keep track of the latest prices and updates in the Hyundai Santa Fe buyer guide.

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  1. Well I am currently in Japan, so I figured I would share some of these JDM pics with you all 🙂

  2. Those rear seats must have loads of headroom…not. How did they even manage to fit three row of seats in there? O_O

    • it isn’t so bad actually..i had checked it in person. Way too better than the Pajero and the current Pathfinder, I would say. But the 3rd row seat passengers will have to do away without a window and adjust with the thick D-pillars instead!

    • I would still think it would have been better to have the longer wheelbase and then the third row. The car looks really good, nonetheless. Now, I need to know how good, the 3.3L engine is. I didnt like the feel in old Azera, so I am not sure how much they have improved over it.

  3. Actually it came to Saudi Arabia before and a friend of mine bought it 3 weeks ago. Great car.

  4. The model looks literally awesome…and the car which I is quite lengthy…with good interior…for AED 88K (approx)one get a 2.4L car with Panoramic Sunroof…

  5. I aint gonna buy this car untill i get road test report from Mash ….. or ill go for second hand Parado instead !!!

    • That’s kind of you. Without driving it, I can tell you right now the Hyundai crossover handles better, while the bigger Prado has more space.

  6. really if dont go off roading you dont need a prado….it is a waste

  7. i have a big family and i need 3rd row as comfi as possible and prado can give that but i love the currant hyundai santa fe , it looks cool inside-out , some of my friendz r pushing me not to spend 120+ on a hyundai car , iam confuse really and plz dont advise me to go for Previa or carnival or odassy 🙂 i hate those ….

    • jolly,

      Santa Fe has a third row seat…

      120k is a waste, you dont need leather or a sunroof in this hot country… 100k is great value,

      think of this way a camry cost 100k, this has 7 seats, v6 engine, all wheel drive and ground clearance…

      so why would any one buy a camry?…

      badge lovers…

      however having said that the dealers here are for Hyunadai and Kia are not exactly “switched on”…..

    • dear all,santafe is worth wile for >100k,u have all the main features 4WD,7 seater its completly fit to a family more than 5.b cos iam proud owner of 2012 model

  8. Why do you need to spend 120+ – this is for full option. Full option cars never hold their value as well but not many people get that here. I am buying 3.3 V6 base option and it is a lovely car – US have had it for a while and all the reviews are great. People need to be more open minded in UAE. People used to think Sony was the only make I would buy – now look at Samsung and LG. Korea does not stand still – improving all the time. Shame people are so fixated with the boring, bland looking overpriced Toyota and Honda here.

  9. thx Prado and Richard , iam feeling much better now , i never bought korean car before , its always Toyota or Nissan thats y i was a bit reluctant . Definately santa fe v6 basic is much much better option than camry , thx guys u should work for Hyundai u just sold there car to me 🙂

  10. Jolly,

    toyota is still in the lead in some categories

    Landcruzier/Prado TLC= Still the best 4×4/SUV out there built like a tanks and are a league of thier own and koreans have nothing to dent them.

    however coming to crossover segments like ford edge, murano, or in small SUV segment CRV/ Rav 4 etc then Koreans have hit the japs where it hurts.

    the sante fe makes alot of sence as for 96k you get a vehicle with a reliable record, good features, v6 engine, quality and value. something no Japanese manufacturer offers.

    Most of all it suits most people’s purpose, if you got a family of 4 screaming kinds dump two in third row where they cant be a menance to any one and two more in the second row.. in comfort. plus if dont go off roading why in the world do you need 4×4 suspension vehicle with it;s high gas milage and it;s maintanance?

    but do go for a test drive and see if this vehicle is what you are looking for…

  11. I bought the mid range santa fe in 2006 and still using it. I don’t have any major issue with the car – except for the AC which broke after 6 years. I paid 1,800aed to replace the compressor.

    Now, it ran for 165k+ already and still smooth sailing. Hyundai service is also good. You can take the car immediately in the afternoon except for major service which will be available on the next day.

    Planning to buy the new 2013 or keep the one I have and buy the Toyota 86. Any thoughts?

  12. Mr big

    AC breaking down after 6 years is also seen Jap cars.. a buddy of mine civic’s AC broken to after 5 years, costing him AED 4k+

    normally one shouldnt keep a car greater than 5 years.. the cost of maintainance tends to become more expensive, especially if you have heavy usage… if using for light local duty you can leave for another ten years..

  13. GMC Terrain or this?

  14. hows the mpg of 2.4l and the 3.3l? is it true 2.4l is underpower??

  15. Think about it! Most of the mid-size sedans have 2.5l engines (Altima, Camry, Accord, Mazda 6). So how do you think a crossover/SUV is gonna be with the same engine if not underpowered?

  16. How does Santa Fe compared with Rav 4 with regards to reliability and cost of maintenance?

  17. Hi Guys. Nice Reviews. I am thinking of buying this as my second car. I have never owned a Korean vehicle. I wanted to check how the dealer service support of Hyundai is in Dubai?
    Secondly, are the parts expensive or affordable. Finally how are Korean cars in terms of their reliability?
    I would appreciate your valuable feedback.

    • I didn’t have any personal experience with Hyundai dealer. But whoever went there had a positive opinion to say.

      In terms of parts it cheap. Cheaper than a Toyota.

      Hyundai and Kia owners I know never had any issues. And one of which is a Tucson which is about to clock 100,000KMs and just a year old.

  18. EPA finds Hyundai, Kia overstated gas mileage.. what can you say about this?? what is really the mpg of santa fe 2013 2.4 and 3.3l here in dubai? i like santa fe 2013 more than rav4 in terms of design.. rav4 design is already boring..

  19. S Mathew – I have the 3.3 litre 2013 Sante Fe as I considered the 2.4 to be underpowered. I understand they have put the old Sonata engine in the 2.4 rather than the upgraded 194bhp one the american market gets. This is my first korean vehicle and I am very impressed as are all my friends. Whatever people say korean cars are as good as Japanese cars now in terms of realiability but now the interior and exterior is far superior in my opinion to the bland Japanese cars for a similar price (in quality and look). Not sure servicing is great at Hyundai but service levels in Dubai are not great so not sure what that says. Hyundai are improving as they are selling many more cars in the UAE now, but you will not get BMW quality service levels. The Sante Fe in my opinion is a huge leap forward for hyundai and korean cars.

    • Thanks Richard and Rahul for your valuable inputs. I got to drive the Hyundai Genesis (Sedan) two days back at the dealer’s. I am so impressed by its handling and value that I have changed my mind and might go for the same as I commute daily between Dubai and Abu Dhabi and I already have a 4WD. My best friend has booked it and he too is wondering about their after sales service levels. They are giving him a 5 yrs unlimited mileage warranty and free service up to 60000kms (parts included). Irresistible offer and all for around 134K (Full option without the air suspension). The only area I am concerned was their service and based on your inputs it looks like I do not have to worry much. Thank you all.

    • @richard

      keep us posted on your ownship experince..

  20. so what is your mpg in your santa fe 2013 3.3L?? im planning to buy this also..

  21. when is it coming in india and is the 3.3L one also coming to india if yes when? pls reply

  22. i havent test driven the Sante Fe, so i dont no abtg its comfotable drive.

    i want to know the relieability of the vehicle compared to pajero.

  23. Hey Mash, when are you going to do a detailed review for this car?

  24. I just want to ask Mr. S.Mathew, refer Nov 20th in the trail above: was the 5 year/100,000 km warranty and 60,000 km free service package given to the customer after haggling and negotiation with the dealer? Or did the dealer offer it themselves? I want to buy the 2013 Santa Fe 2.4 4WD with panoramic sunroof. It is the type 12A. The sticker price is Aed 91,900. The salesperson in the showroom offered me Aed 90,000 final price on the spot. I think the final price should be Aed 88,000 after showroom general manager’s discount. The 2013 Santa Fe comes with a 3 year/100,000 km warranty and I feel that instead of 3 years, it would be better to have the warranty coverage upto 5 years.

  25. Hello All,

    I have booked yesterday 2013 Santa Fe 2.4 2WD for my wife as I dont drive,for AED 86000. We dont go Off roading and thought 4WD is not necessary. My budget was for tucsan, but santa fe has more feature than tucson (Bluetooth, cruise control, 2 airbags, rear AC). So I streched for 9000 AED more. But there was no offer on warranty, he only gave 1 yr free insurance, even though we much bargained. Do you think i should have got a better price. Any advice on whether go for 2.4 tucsan or 2.4 santa fe. 3.3 is above my budget. I have a small family of 3.
    Thank you in advance.

  26. Got to test drive both 2.4l and 3.3l Santa Fe 2014, i can tell you guys, 2.4l is so underpowered, better to go for V6 3.3l.
    I wanted to know what is the reliability and life of this as compared to RAV4.
    Also are the parts easily available in UAE markets apart from Hyundai service centers? or one has to buy from ONLY Hyundai service centers.

    all your replies will be highly appreciated.

    • i stand by FF.. the 2.4 is quite under powered…
      3.3 is quieter and the pick up was quiet fast.
      when i tried it .. 2.4L took 15.4 secnd to go from 0-100km/hr where as 3.3L took just 9.8 seconds.
      i was also concerned about the spare part availability and the servicing?
      are there many shops sell Hyundai spare parts in Abu dhabi?
      Please Guide me as much as possible

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