Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Pick-up covers 1 million km in UAE

Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Pick-up covers 1 million km in UAE

Toyota’s UAE dealer says that a government-owned Toyota Land Cruiser Pick-up has clocked nearly 1 million kilometres.

The aforementioned Pick-up, better known as the Land Cruiser 70 elsewhere, was apparently maintained by government workshops themselves, and they claim the cost of running adds up to less than Dhs 0.101 per kilometre. They say this ancient Land Cruiser variant has been maintained by them for the last 9 years, which pegs it as a 2003 model or thereabouts.

Al-Futtaim Motors had recently launched the new 2013 Land Cruiser 70 Pick-up, with new available features such as a double-cab option, glove-box cooler, tyre-inflation facility, a new tow-hook and enhanced styling.

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  1. the ugliest pickup in the world !!!

  2. I support you zenatic 😉

  3. It’s a retro LC. No electronics, no sensors, NO ABS, NO EBD ! 🙂 This machine is mean’t to last forever ! 🙂

  4. Toyota is not a really a benchmark in car design so why blame this poor pick-up.

  5. i think this pickup if timely serviced will make another million km..hate it or love it..nothing in the world is as reliable as this machine.

  6. Sure beats the reliability of American Trucks.

  7. best for using as a technical 😀

  8. Toyota is Toyota, and so far I personally prefer the Toyota line, and especially this Pick Up …

  9. toyota-land-cruiser-pickup is good but it is a problem a but cahssis light This Altqlat reason

  10. toyota landcruiser pick up j70 ( japan & other also ) series year 2006 february need price

  11. toyota landcruiser rules the pick up category.. its The BEST!!!!

  12. Toyota LC pickup – STRONG & SMART

  13. I call the Toyota Land Cruiser Pick Up “Plant and Machinery”.

  14. I want to buy 2001/2006 toyota land cruiser 70 pick up

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