Ford Escape 2013 official debut in Qatar, already in UAE

Ford Escape 2013 official debut in Qatar, already in UAE

Ford Middle East has officially “launched” the all-new 2013 Ford Escape at the 2013 Qatar Motor Show, even while it’s already been available in certain GCC markets, such as the UAE, for several months now.

Interestingly, at least in the UAE, Ford has chosen to offer the compact Escape crossover in only front-wheel-drive format, mated to a carryover 2.5-litre 4-cylinder engine and a 6-speed automatic instead of the fancy turbocharged motors available in the United States. It may be an attempt to differentiate the Escape from the larger V6-powered Edge, which overlaps in price.

Features in the modern new Escape include more cargo space, with an optional hands-free power tailgate that opens by hovering your foot under the bumper. The new Escape’s rear seats have been designed to fold flat easily with the touch of a button. The MyFord Touch, SYNC, etcetera multimedia system is also available on the Escape for the first time, offering a touchscreen or voice controls for the phone, stereo and other functions. Higher models also get a blind-spot monitor, among several other safety features, such as standard front-side airbags and stability control.

Prices start at Dhs 89,000 in the UAE.

For more details, visit the Ford Escape buyer guide.

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  1. Can’t understand why dealer doesn’t bring 4 wheel drive model here, it would be very attractive and competitive.

  2. FWD with that ancient engine for AED82,000. Why bother bringing it here then….idiot dealership.

  3. another soft-washed 4×4 that turns out ugly station wagon/ cross-over blend..

    going down the same disappointing path like trailblazer, pathfinder, explorer and so forth..

    • totally agree.. however, what people fail to understand is that for some reason – world over including Middle East – 75% of customers prefer these soft-washed 4x4s over true 4x4s.. can someone explain this please? it’s the only reason manufacturers are producing this crap as well as 2WD versions.. actually the latter is thanks to US where even their Pick up trucks are 2WD..

    • @YD

      I drove many TRUE 4X4 as you say and frankly with how things are developing now, they are turning to be a headache rather than tough cars that are practical and useful at least in UAE, the traffic is going crazy, and I noticed during the past 6 months that traffic is going back to pre economy crisis levels or even worse, it is good that economy is improving but driving a prado or land cruiser is big pain in the a**. fuel prices are not cheap anymore and may increase as this is the nature of life and everything increases, so filling a land cruiser with 220-250 dhs is no joke friend, so the result for those who have medium to large families will opt for these cars like tucson, rav4, santa fe and so on

    • How many people do you think who owns an SUV actually goes off road ?? So, it makes sense to buy these crossovers which are easy to drive on the road, are cheaper but still have the SUV looks that customers are after.

  4. the previous generation was the best in class with the powerful v6 and 4×4 and respectful shape that stood out distinct. Now it is just another SUV with lower bland design and lower power..! I would take a sportage anyday over this

    • Can i ask how the Sportage is different to this? Or in fact any other small SUVs? Its the same formula with different wrappers. In this case, I actually like this wrapper better than the rest.

    • Answering you YD the reasons are:
      1-More power if i am not mistaken 160 somthing vs 170 somthing for Kia
      2-AWD available. That is a knockout
      3-In my personal opinion the Kia’s design is a great improvent from the recent one while Escape adopted a design that neither follow Ford’s cues nor belong to the former escape.
      4-Price. Though Both are relatively way cheper than their competitors.
      5-Kia is cheaper to maintain with better reliability. Ive seen older sportages with 400k on the odometer with no major issues. Ciao

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