Toyota Corolla 2014 spy shots float around the web

Toyota Corolla 2014 spy shots float around the web

2014 Toyota Corolla
These photos, showing what looks like the production version of the 2014 Toyota Corolla, are doing the the rounds of the internet, but with no one quoting the source, it’s hard to determine where these were taken.

2013 Detroit Auto Show - Concept Toyota Corolla Furia

Some say these secret photos were taken in Poland, possibly at an event to gauge consumer reaction. Nevertheless, the next Corolla does take design cues from the Toyota Furia concept, but looks nowhere near as aggressive.

2014 Toyota Corolla Axio

Incidentally, Japan already gets a new smaller model called the Corolla Axio since 2012, but this is not the car that will land in the GCC. We will get the larger European and U.S. version. Expect a launch sometime in late 2013.

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      ^That’s the new hatchback only, which is not sold here. The sedan shown on that site is still the current old model.

  1. Amazing design
    Step aside Civic,
    Corolla is coming back to life!!

    • I agree with the step aside Civic but my preference still goes to the newly launched Nissan Sentra. This doesn’t look bad but not my cup of tea. RAV4 design cues, which is nothing special – as though they’re trying too hard to keep up with Korean designs.

  2. TOYOTA is going south

  3. The originality of the Japanese should be appreciated Koreans somehow copy design from the Japanese,Germans and finally end up with some good looking design. As far as effeciency is considered Toyota is the best and for reliability it is Toyota, Honda and Nissan.


  5. from Mauritius
    last model corolla last more than 7 years and the dash board was not attactive at all. it high time that corolla to change the model after all toyota is the best among japanese cars

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