Holden Commodore 2013 model revealed, may become 2014 Chevrolet SS

Holden Commodore 2013 model revealed, may become 2014 Chevrolet SS

2013 Holden Commodore 2
Built by General Motors’ Australian division, the Holden Commodore has finally received a redesign for 2013. For those not in the know, the Commodore is the rear-wheel-drive midsize sedan that formed the basis for the Chevrolet Lumina models in the Middle East, right until 2011, when the car was quietly discontinued here in favour of pushing the front-wheel-drive Chevy Malibu as their new midsize offering in the GCC.

The Holden Commodore was last redesigned for the 2007 model-year, and offered in V6 and V8 versions, the latter popular in the UAE as the Chevrolet Lumina SS. It continued to be sold in Australia, even while it wasn’t offered here any more after 2011.

The new models looks to be just an external facelift with a new interior and complicated multimedia tech. Inside, there’s a big screen, navigation, electronic parking brake, heads-up display and power-window switches that are now on the doors rather than near the gear-shifter. Additional safety tech now includes cross-traffic alert, blind-spot alert, forward collision alert, lane departure warning and auto parking.

2013 Holden Commodore 4

These initial pictures appear to show a “luxury” trim level, so the sportier versions remain to be seen. Specs and interior shots have not been released either. Update: Interior photos have now been added.

The upcoming sporty Commodore SS model is expected to be the base for the 2014 Chevrolet SS sports sedan model that is headed to America, probably with a simple Chevrolet grille in place of the Holden one. It is unknown if the Chevy SS will be offered in the GCC, where the Korean-sourced Malibu is apparently doing well enough that the U.S-sourced front-wheel-drive Impala is set to replace the rear-wheel-drive Caprice here by the end of this year. Ironically, the Malibu is doing so poorly in the States itself that production has been temporarily halted, and an emergency refresh is on the cards. Even more ironically, the rear-wheel-drive Commodore was slated to go out of production by 2016 due to slow sales in Australia, and the Malibu was expected to take over there as well, but now GM claims the Commodore will carry on beyond that date.

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  1. the front looks like an MG car or some chinese car!!!

  2. Author

    Information updated. And multiple comments using different names have been deleted.

  3. “Front-wheel-drive Impala is set to replace the rear-wheel-drive Caprice here by the end of this year” Where are you getting this from Mash? So are you trying to say that there will not be a refresh for the current Caprice here?

  4. i dont think this one would appeal here as the previous gen luminas did

    • This replacement might be one of the consequences of the demise of Ford Crown Victoria. I think we’re witnessing the extinction of the affordable rear wheel drive sedans.

  5. Pretty…
    But somehow looking closer into it reminds me of certain cars I dont want to get reminded of….

  6. Holden is amazing. I have been a fan of them ever since I went to study in Melbourne. They are aggressive, noisy and fast.

  7. on immediate glance, its profile looks exactly the same as the previous lumina but with new headlights and slightly more curves on the interior. Why is GM doing the exact thing as before, trying to save money instead of actually building a decent car.

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