Mazda 6 2013 launched at new Dubai showroom opening event

Mazda 6 2013 launched at new Dubai showroom opening event

Mazda’s UAE dealer, Galadari Automobiles, has just inaugurated a brand new showroom on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai. It is their fanciest showroom to date, and also includes a large service centre. They also used the opportunity to launch the 2013 Mazda 6 sedan in the UAE.

The showroom’s architecture is modern with nicer showroom lighting and more multimedia enhancements. It features a two-storey workshop facility with 64 bays, express service, rustproofing area and modern diagnostic tools. The customer lounge has a business centre and even an iPad station.

The all-new 2013 Mazda 6 was unveiled during the Japanese-inspired opening ceremony. The Mazda 6 has been developed with “low fuel consumption and greater driver enjoyment” in mind. The sedan will feature Mazda’s new “SkyActiv” high-compression ratio engines. Further details are still forthcoming.

Keep track of updates in the Mazda 6 buyer guide.

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  1. Wow…..simply wow…..

  2. Nice… now only if it comes with rear AC vents(which most car in its segment have), this will certainly be the whole package.

  3. mondeo + sonata = mazda 6

    got the pops face and the moms azz… hehe cheers!

  4. Been waiting for this one. Its by far the best looking sedan in its class, a lot nicer than altima, camry and accord.
    If mazda dealer also has a new service and showroom this car might become popular.

  5. It looks ok, but still kia Optima is way better

  6. So beautiful, but they are late now, i have mine already

  7. what about price?

  8. Camry is dead. Dont know why they aren’t dead yet, but now they will be?

  9. initially they are introducing 2.0ltr engine base model and mid option…by end of May full option 2.5ltr would be available….full option is dhs 105,000….it includes navigation, reverse camera, bi-xenon headlamps, daytime running lights, adaptive cruise control, 11 speaker bose sound system, duel zone a/c with vents in rear, sunroof, 19′ alloy wheels etc….initial test drive reports from europe and america says it has got the best transmission and most fun to drive car among the family sedans….

    • Best in its class!! Fuel economy and power 6.4L/100km and 185HP with 250 Nm torque just cover 0-100 in 8.0sec.. much faster then Accord & Camry even Altima !!!

  10. simply beautiful………….and getting good reviews across the world.
    Yes it should be fun compared to the Camry (zzzzz)and the Accord (snore).

  11. Yesterday I went to see the car, amazing car but it is not competing with camry and altima because it is small like civic or optima. but price is good 75k basic model

    • It is the same size as altima and camry. Directly competing with camry and altima. Accord is slightly bigger, but accord has been bigger than all the others for a long time.
      With the price its coming and the options, this new mazda 6 is above the others.

  12. Zoom Zoom Zoom 🙂

  13. eagerly waiting for the first drive .!

  14. Now wait & watch how Galadari motors are going to destroy this car with their poor sales & service.

    • It interesting that you mention this as Galadari have been very well known for the same but now with the opening of their new showroom and state of the art workshop on SZR it does seem that they are focusing on improvements. Lets wait and watch.

  15. i am using a mazda 6 2006 model since last 7 yrs…run 420,000 kms…..still goes only to galadari for all major services….trust me galadari is one of the best…i am buying new mazda 6 by june or july and i aint sellin my existing car….for me mazda cars are always poor man’s BMW….sporty, spirited and fun to drive…

  16. I agree with Zao that mazdas are sporty, spirited and fun to drive… Even I own the old mazda6(2003) and the nxt gen(2009)…really awesum cars…btw any1 knows when it will be coming to Oman?? and the pricing

  17. To Mitch:

    Man better go and check the car, i think you havent seen car yet, i have seen the car and seat, it is smaller than camry believe me

    • Camry vs Mazda6:-
      FRONT HEAD ROOM 38.8 vs 39.4
      FRONT HIP ROOM 54.5 vs 55.1
      FRONT LEG ROOM 41.6 vs 42.5
      FRONT SHOULDER ROOM 58.0 vs 57.3

      The Mazda6 is a bit bigger overall. 🙂

    • Sorry apparently the data is above is for the older gen Mazda6.

      This is the correct data
      Camry vs Mazda6:-
      FRONT HEAD ROOM 38.8 vs 38.4
      FRONT HIP ROOM 54.5 vs 56.1
      FRONT LEG ROOM 41.6 vs 42.2
      FRONT SHOULDER ROOM 58.0 vs 57.1

      Its still a bit bigger on average though. 🙂

  18. I like what they did with the engine, the whole SkyActiv thing is pure awesome, they used atkinson cycle type like Hybrids to get better fuel consumption and used direct injection to offset any power loss.

    In the end you’ll have the best of all worlds, class leading fuel consumption, competitive horsepower and class leading low end torque (which is what matters for daily commute).

  19. Simply beautiful.
    No comparison to Camry and Altima.

  20. Went to the Sheikh Zayed showroom today, the 2.5 litre Mazda 6 is available, top option costs 105000 Aed, the mid option 94000, only missing nav and radar cruise control….seems fairly priced, even more beautiful in reality.

  21. I was waiting die hard for this car!! My passion my love Mazda 6 😮

  22. lot of mazda fanboys in here hehe

    • ya chris just fan boys, but after that they will go and buy an Altima, Accord or Camry. Just check my ride, they instantly suggest to buy a Toyota giving resale as first point, not giving chance to other manufacturers even though they give more for every penny paid and thats what matters to common man. So best of luck Mazda 6.

  23. Guys, the car looks simply awesome, just let me know if its got Push Button start or remote engine starter?

  24. ok had a closer look at the new Mazda 6 , this looks like winner. The one that impressed me the most of is the top spec at AED 105k

    so what do get for your money?

    -2.5L skyactiv new engine with very high compression ratio 13:1 . BMW is the other manufacturer that comes to mind with such kinds ratio.

    – deactivation tech that shuts down a few cylinders during idle time. Mazda claims a 10% fuel saving

    – braking re-generations tech, what it does it uses energy from de-acceleration to power up electric systems allowing the engine to focus on performance. Expensive hybrids have this tech.

    – sunroof

    – 19 inch wheels

    – good quality leather seats (not like Jebal ali fitted 3rd rate fake leather you see on camry)

    – bose audio

    – navigation

    – blue tooth, USB, steering mounted controls, push start button etc

    – radar guided cruse control

    – blind spot monitoring on side mirrors

    – a high quality interior with nice padding around. Very logical and intuitive interior.

    by far the most gorgeous four door Japanese sedan i have ever seen!

    My new list
    1) Mazda 6
    2) Honda Accord
    3) Altima
    4) Camry ( a very distant 4th)


    you must do a foursome (with cars that is) and let us know.

    • I love the fact Mazda did this with this model. Toyota, Honda and Nissan have some real competition on this segment now. I am almost sorry I dont need a sedan at the moment so I could buy this car. Love the looks and the options it comes with.

  25. mazda 6 is a real zoom zoom I am having 2011 2.5 ultra mazda 6 and the price which I paid that time still justify the pleasure of drive, stability and power.

  26. I feel that its an year for MAzda will be the best car of the yr 2013… mazda six will definitely beat the market, look at the elagance of the car, beautiful sporty look, lovely interior with too many specs… agreed with list of prado..
    No 1 Mazda 6
    2 Accord (2013 ) is good
    3 Altima
    little changes apart of Camry I feel we have much better option than Camry. like Optima and Sonata comparatively cheaper and both cars are beautiful then Camry will be the last option 🙂

  27. folks i guess galdari have increased the prices to about 130,000 aed… ne idea ?

  28. zoom zoom mazda.

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