2014 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado facelift photos leaked

2014 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado facelift photos leaked

2014 Toyota Prado
Several pictures of the facelifted version of the 2014 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado have been made its way into the internet, just before the launch of the 2014 Lexus GX460, with which it shares its platform and several other bits. The pictures first surfaced on a Russian Land Cruiser Club forum.

From the images, you can see that the 2014 Prado gets an update to the front fascia with a new front bumper and updated LED headlights. The rear also features design changes to the taillamps and the tailgate.

The GX460 gets a more significant change to the its appearance, the frontal exterior incorporating the new Lexus trademark “spindle” grille design. It also gets revised headlights and taillamps, along with new bumpers for the back and front.

The interior is also said to be updated with some changes made to the centre console, which will also feature a new infotainment system.

The facelifted 2014 model should appear in UAE, Saudi and other GCC showrooms by next winter.

Keep track of future specs and prices in the Toyota Prado buyer guide.

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  1. The final nail in the coffin.. C’mmon Toyota you surely can do better than that!!!! Dissappointed!

    On a brighter note, atleast now they will stop selling this car at over 170K!

  2. wow now that front fascia looks OZZUM !

  3. Disappointed 🙁 I was waiting for this facelift and it’s a total let down 🙁 They’ve even destroyed the taillamps that I was convincing my self that they look good 🙁 going for Grand Cherokee

  4. More photos here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8pxjdWB458
    This new facelift means prices will go higher again most likely. Im not too keen on the change but Prado has never been one of the best looking cars.

  5. Who cares about its looks or price ?? It’s gonna sell like hot cakes however crappy it is.

  6. ugly , sooooooo ugly

    • Mmm from what I see in the video of the interior, they’ve added adaptive cruise control, heated/cooled seats and blind spot indicator.

  7. had better expectations. This just ruined it .

  8. Those headlights look like wings of a bird which is about to fly 😀

  9. All I care about is the engine. Are they bringing back the V6 to the 3door?! And why did they even cut the option from the latest edition anyways

  10. This car looks like some alien creature staring at something. Toyota is slowly becoming known for designing ugly cars. Never expected this from you Toyota. No matter however it looks this car will sell in heaps, just for the brand name Toyota.

  11. Remains ugly, practical&reliable car!!

  12. so many other options why get obsessed with civil engineer class suv? i get it its sells well and that’s about it……

    some cars people don’t get it are better value when bought used rather than being obsessed with buying from a show room floor!

  13. Some body tell them to have the fuel filler cap on the right side plzzzz…

  14. Well I’ve seen it all….the biggest “Moustache” i’ve seen at a head of a vehicle…..

  15. This is probably the same upgrade that the Avalon went through in 2011 just to get fully revamped in 2013. My advise fix what you have ….wait a couple of year until Toyota Launches the real upgrade. Trust me they are just tying to get more from the current factories they KNOW that this car doesnt stand a chance in a couple of years.

  16. Bought a prado only two weeks before the facelift leaked in the internet…sigh…..but convincing myself by thinking the previous face looks better than the new facelift. No photos of new prado with spare wheel in the back door emerged until now… hope they only changed the tail lights..

  17. Last but not least, the front grill looks like Predator 2 Alien.

  18. Prado is one of my dream vehicle.The interior & body is very attractive.Body kits & alloy wheels are suitable

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