Nissan Patrol 2013 pulls plane to set new record in UAE

Nissan Patrol 2013 pulls plane to set new record in UAE

2013 Nissan Patrol pulls IL-76 plane in World Record 3
A 2013 Nissan Patrol was used to pull a “RUS Aviation” Ilyushin IL-76 cargo plane to set a new Guinness world record right here in the UAE.

The Patrol was apparently fully stock except for the special towing hitch and the sandbags of weight in the boot. The plane was also loaded up with sandbags to set a new record of 170 tons, pulled around 50 metres at a speed of a few kilometres per hour at the Sharjah International Airport. It sounds a lot more dramatic than it looks.

The previous record was held by a diesel-powered 2006 Volkswagen Touareg V10 TDI that pulled a 155-ton Boeing 747 near London.

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  1. Volkswagen Touareg V10 TDI that pulled a 155-kilo (TONS)right? Boeing 747 in London.

  2. Its seems weight was added in the trunk to increase the grip. No wonder it looks so low at the rear. If thats true, then isn’t it cheating?

    • No actually look at the rod through which the plane is attached to the car. It automatically pulls the car down because of the weight of the plane

  3. its funny how they show only like 10secs of pulling and have video of 1min “It sounds a lot more dramatic than it looks” for sure

  4. Pfft…. we have PEOPLE in India who can pull airplanes

  5. Well no one is going to tow that much in real life. Second thing something which is heavier multiple times as well as taller, if you try to tow, the rear will lift with power going to front wheel and that itself will end rotating at same place. Remember how cranes lift much bigger weight than themselves, but they use hydraulic legs to support themselves on ground, inspite of that we have lots of funny videos of cranes falling down when performing such an attempt. The engine wins here, by the way there are small but powerful and well balanced trucks out there in airport that tow planes day and night, with cargo, passengers etc.

  6. I hope it was within warranty….

  7. May be it was other way around…plane was pushing Patrol 🙂

  8. That guy whistling -_-

  9. Well,
    I ordered one patrol 100’000$
    This price for this car is reasonable

  10. they just want people to buy their crap product, and of course weight added in the trunk to increase grip.

  11. Flexing the muscles .Aircraft Vs Four-wheeler.

  12. real credit goes to engine and specially gearbox

  13. shocked to see actually that none of the readers here every hitched a trailer behind a 4×4 in the land of 4×4 if you just Google the term “tongue weight” you would know why this car is low….when you properly tow a trailer on any car you always calculate the center of mass relative to the hing point from which it is being pulled… honestly i am surprised! and i don’t even own an SUV!

    here is the article

  14. he must have been flooring it

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