Sharjah lifts driving licence ban on certain professions

Sharjah lifts driving licence ban on certain professions

Sharjah recently lifted a ban, which was implemented five years ago, that did not allow certain low-paid professions to apply for a driving licence.

According to Gulf News, the ban was lifted by the Sharjah Traffic Department last Wednesday. Sharjah driving schools are already receiving numerous inquiries from people for applying for a new driving licence as news spreads among the emirate’s residents.

In 2008, Sharjah had placed a ban on 86 low-paid professions to reduce traffic congestion. In 2010, the number was reduced to 74. The professions which were on the ban-list included typists, painters, calligraphers, clerks, newspaper boys, storekeepers, vendors, barbers and electricians.

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  1. Every person owns the right to drive irrespective of his profession,income or nationality….in some situations it may be a necessity for people living in the outskirts to reach their destination of work… curb traffic congestion introduce a limit on the number of cars registered by a single family or in some cases by an individual….also conduct roadshows highlighting car pooling…..Such acts must be considered and enforced

  2. Just increase the price of petrol, solves most problems!

    • well dont u think if they decrease the price of public transportation it would work better. just take a look at number of motorist before and after making metro ( and im talking about the users that have cars but use metro )

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