So we got a 2014 Nissan Tiida 1.8SL

So we got a 2014 Nissan Tiida 1.8SL

2014 Nissan Tiida in UAE
Who would’ve thought that the all-new 2014 Nissan Tiida would be one of the most anticipated cars of this year. When we drove the new BMW 335i last year, not even one soul even bothered to give it a first look, let alone a second one. On the other hand, people kept staring at our Tiida, and a few even came up to us to ask about it.

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This car is soon going to be on every street corner of course, and it’s a pretty good-looking car, better than the Sentra on which it is based. The profile itself looks more balanced than that of a Mercedes-Benz A-Class, and would’ve made a good foundation for a hot hatch if Nissan ever did so.

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Inside, the dashboard is lifted straight out of the Sentra, only with an all-black colour scheme, starter button and a standard nav touchscreen on all but the base model. Apparently the idea is to appeal to the “youths” more, although Nissan seems to have stuffed a bit more hard plastics in there to offset the cost of those gadgets.

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The boot is of a decent size, but pales in comparison to the length of the Sentra’s boot. Rear space for passengers is immense though, almost approaching midsizer levels.

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The Tiida is not like the old one. It now sits in a class higher, feels nicer inside, and offers some premium features as well. It drives fine for the most part, but our car has some inherent flaws that keep it from taking its place alongside the Sentra on our recommended list. More in the full review.

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  1. what would be the price tag & engine spec.?

  2. Most awaited! Cant wait for the Full review

  3. Very nice job Nissan. Combined with the superior fuel economy as usual, it’ll sell like hot cakes 🙂

  4. Informative report, but more balanced design than the recently launched a-class?? .. Big lol from my end

  5. Informative report, but more balanced design than the recently launched a-class?. Big big disagreement from my end

  6. Im a proud owner of the new nissan Tiida 2014.It is very nice car with a class fitout. The Interior is amazing ..Good Job Nissan

  7. Sunroof, leather, AC vents, nice Rims really….thanks to the Korean Competition the Tida is equipped like large luxury sedans few years ago. Now you have Sentra and Tida, Nissan pls kill the non sense Sunny model!

  8. Power-train efficiency: equipped with either 116hp (154Nm) HR16DE 1.6-litre or 131hp (174Nm) MRA8DE 1.8-litre engines and the new generation Xtronic CVT transmission, All-new Tiida provides performance and fuel efficiency
    The HR16DE 1.6-litre engine is equipped with a dual injector system and twin CVTC (Continuously Variable-valve Timing Control), providing a smoother ride with great control and responsiveness, along with superior fuel economy – making it an ideal road companion for all types of driving conditions
    The MRA8DE 1.8-litre engine was developed to excel. With its longer stroke and Twin CVTC system on intake and exhaust valves, it offers greater combustion efficiency and maximum fuel economy.

  9. Safety efficiency: All-new Tiida is equipped as standard with Anti-Lock braking system, brake assist and electronic brakeforce distribution, and dual airbags

    Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) modulates the brakes to help the driver maintain stability and steering control as well as preventing the brakes from locking

    Brake Assist & Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) senses emergency braking and automatically helps to apply maximum braking pressure if needed. Meanwhile, Electronic Brakeforce Distribution automatically varies the braking force in accordance with load distribution to maximise stopping power.

    Six Airbags – (standard on 1.8-litre SL Plus) Dual front, dual side curtain SRS airbags will protect the driver and passenger in the case of a front or side impact

    Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) – (Optional on all grades) Tiida’s optional VDC compares the actions of the driver with the current vehicle behaviour and selectively brakes individual wheels and controls engine power to help keep the car on its intended path

    Immobilizer – A system that only allows ignition with a particular code key

    An attractive multimedia package is available with All-new Nissan Tiida including Push to start engine, Bluetooth® Hands-Free Phone System and Streaming Audio with iPod® or portable MP3 player through USB port. 5.8” colour touch display, Navigation, rear view camera, auto and rear A/C vents with dual climate control

  10. iida 1.6 S includes: 1.6-litre DOHC 16-valve 4-cylinder engine, Next Generation Xtronic CVT® (Continuously Variable Transmission), 4-wheel Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD), Urethane steering, Power windows: Dr side one touch up/down, anti-pinch, Dual air bags, Rear windows defroster with timer, Power steering (Tilt, Telescopic), Central door locking, two speakers, Immobilizer, electronically-operated body-coloured outside mirrors, Keyless entry, Halogen lamps, 15” steel wheels with wheel covers.

    OPTIONS: Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC).

    Tiida 1.6 SV (in addition to S features): Steering Switch: Audio, Non Din CD Player, MP3, Aux, AM/FM, four speakers, 16” alloy wheels

    OPTIONS: Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC), Bluetooth®, 2DIN, CD Player, MP3, Aux, AM/FM, USB connectivity, iPod® connectivity, 5.8” colour display navigation, Rear view camera.

    Tiida 1.8 SV (in addition to All-new Tiida 1.6 SV features): Smoked coloured halogen lamps, Front fog lamps, Rear parking sensors, Front grille smoke chromed, 17” alloy wheels

    OPTIONS: Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC), Nissan NAVI: 5.8” QVGA colour display, 2DIN CD AM/FM w/AUX, MP3, RDS, iPod® connectivity, Rear view camera.

    Tiida 1.8 SL (in addition to 1.8 SV features): Electric folding outside mirrors with integrated side turn lamp, Steering switch: Drive computer, audio, cruise, Bluetooth®, Leather floor shift knob, Auto A/C, Non din CD Player, MP3, AUX, AM/FM, 4.3” QVGA monitor, USB jack, six speakers, AUX, Push engine starter button

    OPTIONS: Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC), Nissan NAVI: 5.8” QVGA colour display, 2DIN CD AM/FM w/AUX, MP3, RDS, iPod® connectivity, Rear view camera.

    Tiida 1.8 SL Plus (in addition to 1.8 SL features): Airbags: dual, side, curtain, Leather seats, Power sun roof with tilt and slide

    OPTIONS: Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC), Nissan NAVI: 5.8” QVGA colour display, 2DIN CD AM/FM w/AUX, MP3, RDS, iPod® connectivity, Rear view camera.

  11. Wow. Somebody stop these sales guys posting. We can figure out ourselves what this car is about.

  12. im not a “sales guy”..i just put out official GCC specs of the car for those who really want, take it or leave it..

    • its ok (speedster) not all people actually care about the detail of cars here they just go and buy. and when u ask why, they say i like the look and price. anyway thanks for sharing the info

  13. A really good car, but it was launched 2013 in North America as VERSA.
    Well it is not a new car.

  14. waiting for your responce ,i am staying in uae last 20 years and lost job last year but still my monthly income is 4500 and i want to buy a nissan tiida so what best thing u can do for me and i have 4 accounts in emirates islamic bank so i am waiting for your rep

  15. Pls contact finance companies or your present bank that’s it

  16. TIIDA 2014 ce belle voiture Merce Nissan.

  17. advanced cvt will help to gain mileage in short run and bumber to bumber traffic.
    for same company will demand high maintenance cost at the time of service..

  18. Intend to buy Nissan Tiida 1.8L 2014. My preferred color is Platinum grey or Dark Grey which is not available. I very rarely see Gold RAH color running. Can anyone give me reviews of maintaining it.

  19. I bought brand new nissan tiida model 2014 from nisssan co in Beirut. After driving it 2000 km the car CVT starts making like vibration while stopping the car.and the most bad thing in this xtronic CVT is when you stop suddenly and then you half release the brake pedal, the car will shake and vibrate and move little.this shaking and vibration during this little movement is very bad to feel it in this Nissan tiida model 2014. I reported my claim to Nissan co in Beirut,they changed the CVT transmission and now the vibration is still the same.I talked to the engineer of Nissan in charge ,he convinced me that this vibration and shaking is normall for xtronic CVT.really iam disappointed.I paid 21000 $ to buy this I don’t know what to do.

  20. Hi
    actually I’m disappointed because of the new Tiida performance, it’s unsatisfied specially when it start moving, it’s to much slow.
    I have the model of 2011 it’s more stronger faster and have amazing acceleration

  21. I want buy Nissan tida

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