DP Motorsport builds anniversary-edition Porsche 911 3.2 Sleeper

DP Motorsport builds anniversary-edition Porsche 911 3.2 Sleeper

DP Motorsport Porsche 911 3.2 Sleeper
Before you start questioning the car’s name, let’s get one thing straight, this is not a sleeper! The 911 3.2 Sleeper is probably called that because of the low ride height and the way it hugs the road. However, what we have here is motorsport tuner DP’s 50th anniversary tribute to the Porsche 911.

To felicitate the event, the German tuner company took a model from 1986, stripped off all the unwanted goodies including the paint and undercoating, and then went all-out with lightweight and race-ready parts.

DP Motorsport gurus state that they’ve made a heap of modifications which include changes to the race cams and ported cylinder heads. There’s also a lightweight flywheel and an RSR titanium racing exhaust. There are 935-style lollipop seats, some RS-lightweight carpets, and a similar lightweight battery.

Under the skin you get the rear-mounted 3.2-litre engine which puts out an impressive 270 hp, which is 70 hp more than what you could get back in 1986. You also get 306 Nm of torque through a limited slip differential.

The exterior colour is quoted as metallic “rock-green lacquer”, and you’d have to dish out a feisty US$ 120,000 or Dhs 440,000 to bring home one of these 900 kg bugs. And while that’s a costly affair, DP Motorsports say that it will offer individual parts for your old-school Porsche.

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  1. A real drivers car.

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