Subaru BRZ tS debuts with STI badges for 2014

Subaru BRZ tS debuts with STI badges for 2014

2014 Subaru BRZ tS
Contrary to what you see in the image above, the car here is not an STI. It’s only a Subaru BRZ tS. And while it does get the STI treatment through a flurry of stickers and minor upgrades, it leaves out the most vital part — the engine, and hence, keeps us waiting for the real thing.

Still, the Subaru BRZ tS does come with a series of aesthetic and performance-enhancing parts. For instance, the car is fitted with STI-specific 18-inch alloy wheels and Brembo brakes. There’s also STI-tuned suspension.

Apart from that, there’s a chunkier driveshaft and a front lip spoiler, retuned stability control and a different exhaust note. Then there’s also an enhanced interior with carbon-fibre and Alcantara touches. Subaru also throws in an additional ‘GT package’ which includes further upgrades such as a giant carbon-fibre rear wing, black-painted alloys and Recaro bucket seats. Again, all of these are sprinkled with STI badges. And because we have no official word from the manufacturers, we’re assuming that the BRZ tS will come with the standard 200 hp 2.0-litre inline four-cylinder boxer engine.

Subaru say that only 500 examples of the BRZ tS will be offered in Japan, which includes 250 with the additional ‘GT package’. Why are they not offering the BRZ tS in the GCC? Maybe they’re saving the actual STI for us. Maybe not.

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  1. Yesterday I saw one in Doha (same blue color as above). In the first sight I thought it was Toyota 86. Them checked the emblem which revealed subaru.

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