London skyscraper melts parts of a Jaguar XJ

London skyscraper melts parts of a Jaguar XJ

Skyscrapers can be a pride to behold for a city. We’ve got our fair share of mega-structures too. But here, we are emphasising on a new skyscraper nicknamed the “Walkie-Talkie” in London. The English tower has earned the reputation of melting a Jaguar XJ.


BBC reports suggest that the official reason for the meltdown is the light reflected off the “20 Fenchurch Street” skyscraper and focusing on a small part of the street at certain times of day. The parts that took the most damage include the wing mirrors, badges and plastic body panels. The developer is reportedly looking into the matter.

They also have suspended three parking bays around the area. Still, the developers have apologised and paid for the repairs, which have surprisingly amounted to a mere Dhs 5420.

What do you think?



  1. But but the sun isn’t even that bright in London… o_O

  2. I think the tower is working as a magnifying glass and that turned the XJ into an ant and got burnt.

  3. apart from all the bling bling jaguars are mere design failures – always. a korean toy car parked in same slot would not melt like this luxury crap did.

  4. Really? Affording a jag is such a big deal? Tells a lot about your background.

    Never owned a KIA before but will surely buy one sometime because neither i am married to one brand nor status symbol matters to me.

    And be happy that i am not interested in personal arguments and will not reply any further.

  5. Black color is the problem. Buy white car

  6. Bear in Mind that the Jag’s body is made of Aluminium as opposed to Steel frames on standard cars. Maybe this played a role in the panel damage.

    • Only the plastic panels warped, nothing else. At least one later report also said a Ford van was damaged, but initial reports conveniently ignored that.

  7. again it is a question of the design i guess..until I hear of similar cases, it is bad for the reputation of the brand ; cuz otherwise such reflection would be enough to kill human beings..
    It looks like the XJ’s panels are more fragile than human…

  8. @ Host & Nero

    Your both soooo mature. C’mon guys Grow Up. This isn’t a place to throw your toys out the pram.

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