Duracell car batteries launched in the UAE

Duracell car batteries launched in the UAE

Duracell Bunny
Duracell, a leading manufacturer of alkaline batteries, has introduced its starter automotive batteries to the Middle East market, signing SGTC (Shukralla General Trading Co. LLC), a UAE based company, as its local distributor.

Earlier this year, Duracell concluded an exclusive licensing agreement with Austrian battery specialist Banner for Europe, North Africa and Middle East markets. Under this agreement, Banner manufactures and distributes a range of batteries under the Duracell Automotive brand, and also establishes a strategic distribution network in key markets.

Following its appointment, SGTC has concluded a number of key partnerships, including one with Batt-Mobile, a mobile battery delivery service provided by the company A&F Auto Parts in the UAE that comes to the rescue of motorists stranded with a flat battery, delivering and installing a brand new, genuine battery anywhere required. Batt-Mobile also provides other brands of car batteries, which include AC-Delco, Kinetic, Hankook and Excide.

As many of you may know, we have used the Batt-Mobile service before, installing batteries for the Honda S2000 and the Mitsubishi Galant. Most recently, we installed a Duracell battery in our Jaguar XK.

“In time of car trouble, convenience and mobility are of utter importance to motorists, and that’s exactly what we deliver through our unique service. With our express high quality customer service and experienced technicians we can reach motorists across the UAE,” explained Adil Faizee, General Manager, Batt-Mobile.

To learn more about Batt-Mobile, please visit www.batterymobile.ae and if ever in need, call 800-START (78278)

The Duracell product range extends from the ‘Starter’, which represents the entry point, to the ‘Advanced’ and the ‘Extreme’, the special AGM and EFB batteries designed for start/stop vehicles. The range also includes the ‘Professional’, a product line aimed at trucks, buses, agricultural and construction machinery.

Duracell Automotive Starter Batteries

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  1. Hahah will buy from LULU on special offer

  2. Does it longer than ordinary batteries!

  3. So:-) how many AAA batteries are inside!

  4. picked up one from abu dhabi last week for my cayenne–they are actually made in austria by the same company that supplies batteries to bmw–its a no brainer for an extra aed100

  5. How good are these batteries??? And at what price??? I’m basically looking for beat prices and good quality products tyres/batteries/suspension and service parts for all world known brands…. any tips on where is the best places or sites to look….. as in wholesale prices WhatsApp +260965335831

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