Long-term update: Mitsubishi Galant battery home-delivered by A&F Auto Parts

Our long-term Mitsubishi Galant continues to run strongly without any hiccups, despite raking up over 40,000 km in less than a year due to regular Dubai-Abu Dhabi runs. Besides the minor A/C fix few months ago, there really has been no costs involved besides our self-imposed 10,000 km interval services with the major one done recently at 80,000 km on the clock. However, as mentioned in our last report we faced a minor issue and that is the battery finally crapped out. Mind you, the battery was not changed since we bought it back in June 2011, so we guess its death was pretty much near.

Alas one morning, after ignoring a few longer-than-usual ignition starts the previous week, the battery finally gave way. It wasn’t much trouble however, as I just dialled A&F Auto Parts. According to A&F, they are the pioneers of the concept of delivering and installing car batteries at any location in the UAE. A&F supply only quality brands such as AC Delco, Kinetic, Bosch and Varta, offering a one-year warranty as well, unlike the usual six months from most retail shops.

Once they arrived, they first did a quick diagnostic on the battery just to make sure it is not any other issue. After confirming it was indeed the battery, they replaced it with a Kinetic battery, a Singaporean brand. The whole process took merely 15 minutes. All in all a professional and efficient service.

A&F Auto Parts owners Adil Faizee and Furqan Anis have been long-term supporters of and offered us a discounted price for the battery and service. They have also decided to extend their discounts to all our readers. Just mention us when you call them. Prices will vary depending on the car model and type of battery.

For more information on A&F Auto Parts, you can visit their website or call 050-5189382 / 050-4958409.

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  1. Hi Mashy, I am just wondering where should I take my Galant V6 for an excellent service (in Abu Dhabi). My service contract expired when it ran past 50k and since post 80k+ its longing for a neat treatment as well as the rubber replacement! Please suggest! Thanks!

  2. A&F auto parts are excellent Battery replacement experts in dubai

  3. Got a great deal for my Honda civic battery replacement by A&F auto parts.
    they came to my doorstep and installed it within 30 minutes all for a great price.

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