Carbon Motors TX7 Multi-Mission Vehicle reporting for duty

Carbon Motors TX7 Multi-Mission Vehicle reporting for duty

Carbon Motors, the company that had been peddling the custom-built E7 police car prototype since 2008, has actually launched a vehicle, and it’s not the E7 police car. They’ve officially unveiled their TX7 Multi Mission Vehicle (MMV), essentially a big van.

Designed to be used in a variety of police and military situations — including incident command, surveillance, prisoner transport and personnel carrying capabilities — the TX7 has a functional design with a raised roof, strobe lights and a rear message-board. The model also has seating for ten and the ability to accommodate infra-red, thermal and chemical/biological/radiation sensors.

Power is provided by a V8 diesel engine that is connected to a 6-speed automatic transmission and four-wheel-drive. The company also plans to offer a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) variant but there’s no word on specifications.

Production is slated to begin in late 2013 and pricing will start at US$ 149,950, but somehow, Carbon claims it will be cheaper than regular vehicles converted for such special uses. Carbon Motors will attend the Intersec Conference being held in Dubai during January 2013, where they’ll attempt to add the UAE and the GCC countries to their list of potential clients for law-enforcement vehicles.

Apparently the TX7 will also fund the future production of the Carbon E7 police car.

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  1. that is possibly the ugliest looking thing I’ve ever seen in automotive history

  2. Full marks to the 2-year-old who designed this!

  3. Carbon Motors designs cars like its asking to go bankrupt..

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