Carbon Motors creates ultimate police car

Carbon Motors creates ultimate police car

Unknown carmaker Carbon Motors is planning to break into the cop car market with a purpose-built police vehicle created new from the ground up. They already have a prototype ready, but there are few other details.

The Carbon Motors E7 boasts an aluminium spaceframe chassis and a twin-turbo diesel engine, and every other component is designed to specifically serve police applications.

The limited-production car will be expensive, but it is designed to run problem-free for at least 400,000 km, so it will offset some of the initial costs.

Specifications include integrated flashing lights and siren, spotlights, rear “suicide” doors to easily shove in perps, a cockpit with integrated factory-fitted law enforcement equipment, short front and rear overhangs to climb footpaths, heated and ventilated seats, heads-up display, reverse backup camera, driver-specific intelligent key, 360-degree exterior surveillance capability, automatic license plate recognition system, video and audio surveillance of rear passenger compartment, infrared system, front and rear passenger compartment partition, washable rear passenger compartment and integrated push bumpers that can withstand a 120 kph rear-end crash.

It is intended to replace the popular Ford Crown Victoria currently serving American police departments.

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  1. very cool looking police car.. love to drive it.

  2. wow! and it can take a 120 kmh hit from the back!

  3. Looks like something out of a Transformers movie, but I like it 🙂

    I wish they would sell cars here that can take a 120km/h impact, seeing as we have many a moron driving on our roads…

  4. Ohh yeh im testament to that..I once got rear ended on the sharjah highway..was doing around 80, not too fast, but the moron corolla guy couldnt brake fast enough and whacked me!! I thought the ma ends gonna be screwed up but my trusty santa fe, the older shape, didnt have any visible damage except for some scratches, the bumper had moved down a bit,and when i had it repaired they said one of the clamps that hold the bumper had broken during the impact but that was about it..Twas nothing compared to what the corolla suffered..You sometimes wonder if these corollas are made of metal..Even the cops jokingly asked me if i really needed the green slip..

  5. Mash how come ma comments are not displayed?? may be the spam filter??

  6. there is no cops in the world can catch this car

    my car 😎

  7. Author

    Spam filter catches a lot of comments nowadays. I have to de-spam them manually.

  8. hehe, i’ve always wondered why they stuck to the crown victoria…what a terrible car 😀 this car sounds like the real deal..120kph!!!

  9. assassin, why do ya say that no cop can catch the LC200?

  10. Mash, you’ve got more competition [only for the CBG actually]. A new car website based in UAE called has kicked off. It seems it has already got people asking to advertize on that site. I think flash makes the site look attractive. Since wheels is the most read car mag in UAE, decided to use the mag to tell everybody about AUTOz. and its already quiet popular.

  11. Author

    Sadly, I suck at marketing this website to advertisers. You can track site rankings at . Wheels and other magz aren’t as popular as most people think, but do tell me how autoz is mentioned in it.

  12. Autoz looks pretty nice…
    Mash you need to hire a female PR executive with glossy lipstick and all…pay her on commission basis..she gets 10-20 % of the sponsorship/advertising.
    Or maybe you can check with the lady who was hitting on you..

  13. autoz just started and wheels is the most read accoring to BPA [Dec 2007]

  14. Author

    Hehe, true I need a talented sales person, but not sure who’d take up the job considering I won’t offer a base salary or a visa (for now). Let me know if anyone is interested. Wheels, as we all know, pumps up their numbers by dumping most of their copies into Gulf News subscriptions and random cafes, whether anyone reads them fully or not.

  15. ANyway listen! the new 2009 facelifted Kia optima has gone on sale!

  16. Man Mash I just took a look at the site Boris was talking about,no one can compare your website to that one.That website is useless BIG TIME,they have wrong info such as the VW and they dont include prices,but one nice thing is the Offers part which keeps everyone up to date with good deals going around.

    PS: There website is too confusing its mixed up with all their Adds and its unorganized.Peace!

  17. First of all I would like to express my gratitude to Mash website.

    I was just going thru which I found quite professional just that they dont have prices updated on it and they got back to my query saying that they will do ASAP.

    The site has may other useful info too.

    Its just my personal view.

  18. Rayan is right. that site is not worth comparing with cuz that site is just a CBGat the mo. But now I’ve heard about wheels’ new website which they’ll launch next year after more than a year of working on it. it will have a blog and even video reviews. this site is still very informative and still is my 2nd homepage.

  19. Author

    I’d say the difference between others and me is that I do it purely out of my fondness for cars, while others are simply journos paid to do it.

  20. new optima starts at Dhs54 000. dhs500 increased. its got the signature Kia grille which was first seen on the kee concept. I think it has LED brake lights too. it has USB and auxilary jack that are compatible with iPod. bluetooth also possibility. the facelift includes, redesigned front lights, grille, bumper, lower intake, bonnet, fog lights, rear bumper, rear lights and wheels. also digital meters have been replaced with analogue dials with red backlighting instead of blue and gear shifter redesigned.

  21. mash, where is the video of the C63?

  22. Author

    Review is written, so now I have something to say for video. Let’s see what I can put together.

  23. I did check out the site after you guys talk ed about it. Its stil the Beta version on line i think and some of the performance specifications dont seem to be right.
    But one thing i gotta ask Mash is, regarding the prado, the torque values are rated as 395!! Automiddle east rated it as having some 393?? but here its rated as having 377?? hmm.. im a lil confused..

  24. Author

    Net rating versus gross rating I believe. Some companies like to advertise gross ratings because it is a bigger number. Other publications blindly mix up the two as if they are the same.

  25. looks a hi tech. police car!! 🙄

  26. interesting car….how much does it cost to make???

    About the other site….the picture they use give the website a better look but I don’t see any reviews so I don’t care….

  27. holy shit that’s one hell of a cop car. about time I see one that’s diesel. my dodge ram 12v beats crown vics.

  28. mega car!! realy cool!! i want that 🙂 how much duz it cost? 😀

  29. i love to qatar & police also pepal to mech 4r all weas good blisa on qatar by by by

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