Lamborghini Super Trofeo Gallardo for racing

Lamborghini Super Trofeo Gallardo for racing

Lamborghini tells us that they are using the Gallardo LP560-4 for a one-make Super Trofeo race series. Each race will feature 30 of the special race-prepped cars.

The Super Trofeo cars come with race-specific chassis adjustments, special wheels, Pirelli slicks, unique instrumentation and a body kit, along with a 570 hp 5.2-litre direct-injection V10, mated to a six-speed automanual gearbox and all-wheel-drive. The entire race package, including the car, costs €200,000, and open to anyone with enough money. Also included is trackside support and the ability to buy more parts, as well as access to the Lamborghini Village at every venue.

The first race will be held next May at Silverstone in England, with many races to follow.

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  1. too much expencive but such a beautiful hot car.

  2. well, pretty nice. found some ratings for consumer report in quality.
    1. Scion
    2. Acura
    3. Honda
    4. Toyota
    5. Lexus
    6. Infiniti
    7. Subaru
    8. Hyundai
    9. Misubishi
    10. Kia
    there you go. the TOP10 list is all asian makes. some american brands now ratings
    11. ford
    15. Lincoln
    17. Mercury
    18. Buick
    24. Chevy
    29. Pontiac
    31. Cadillac
    13. Mini
    20. BMW
    22. AUdi
    25. VW
    27. Merc-Benz
    well, who’d have thought it…

  3. Boris, what would you say about Hyundai Genesis.
    I saw its commercial on TV. it is amazing.
    is it a good choice if i want to have a car in its class?

  4. guyz…how xactly do you do a brake torque launch??..i jus gave it a try in my mazda 6 only to see hw fast it can hit 100 kph..results were not very impressive; took a good 9.84 seconds wid the aircon off..i kept the brakes floored and revved upto about 2.5 rpm…is the bad result coz of a bad launch??

  5. moreover, i hav heard tat brake-torque launch is bad for the transmission! it true?

  6. assassin, the genesis has got praise by journs for an excelent FIRST attempt at this segment. ANd they’ve payed alot of attention on fit and finish and the materials and their colours. Its also got lexicon [17 speakers] audio system which is only found on the RR Phantom until now. you get 5 yr warranty, 3 years free service, free insurance and free registration. its also got Driver Info System like on some other european luxury class cars, xenon lights that turn with the steering. the ad has a nice shot of the suspension lowering. it happens automatically as speed increases. its got 8 airbags and a rear camera. I think it also has an automatic keyless entery sytem [the one where the door automatically unlock once a button is pressed on the door handle and then the sensor detects the key which is still in your pocket and unlocks the doors and then you start the car with a start button].

  7. of course man….its bad for the transmission…engine and the braking system…because you are adding loads on those systems…dont keep doing this thing alot man..and dont rev the engine to this high rpm…1.8-2 in enough for your car…nd if your car is new…it will need sometime to get those good patient

  8. thanks brois, waiting to see if it has as comfortable ride as its compitetions.

  9. vivik, your mazda takes about 10 seconds! too slow if you compare it with the 2.4 accord!!

  10. well thatsit; the car is new..ran about 7100 kms..and assassin; the car is slower than the 2007 accord..however, the new accord is not too fast anyway; but yes, it was quicker to 200 kph than the mazda 6. And as thatsit had told, maybe it was because the Mazda is too new. In fact, apart from two occassions where I topped the speed to 200 kph and yesterday’s acceleration test, I’ve never driven harsh and has always made sure that the RPM is well below 3K – probably the engine has not yet reached it’s peak capability..anyway, let us wait and see; though I still do not hav any hopes that mazda’s acceleration can match that of the Altima and Accord!

  11. hey guys i mean r u really trying to race with a four door sedan? i mean these cars rnt even sports coupes let alone race cars…i mean the mazda 6, the accord and altima…these are executive sedans…meant to be used for everyday life…not to race…i mean to get ur car into the race mode…we r talking about high rpms…say in the tune of around 5000 and above…it helps to have a manual shift…i wudnt wanna b racing in the above mentioned cars…the engines arent built for that…so be careful coz for one thing it wud spoil ur car…its new…so enjoy the ride!

  12. You can take your car to the Dubai Autodrome and try all the high rpm stunts…

    Imagine doing 140-200 kmph and a idiot changes lanes and jumps in front of you..his argument being that he gave the indicator. I’d love to see the look on your face then.

    Race on the track. Then we see how good you really are.

  13. well Ace, only b’coz of tat kind of a risk, I do speed tests on straight roads that are dead empty and under fair weather conditions!! If thre are any pedestrians or vehicles on the road and I see ’em from far, I immediately reduce to saner speeds! If the weather conditions are not suitable, I don’t do anything at all. 🙂

    And Fouad, you are absolutely right. Cars like Altima, Accord, Camry, Mondeo, Galant, Mazda 6 or any other mid sizer for that matter, are sedans that are not meant to be driven like race cars. All I intended to do was to see what are the performance levels of the car and how good it is compared to it’s competitors and moreover, to know it’s capabilities. It is only a part of understanding the car better. For an instance, I know the cornering limits of my car only because I tested it; tomorrow when a situation arises where an emergency manoeuvre is inevitable, I wont be confused and scared as many other drivers, since I know what are the limits of the car and to what extreme I can take it. To summarize, it was only a test to know the car better :). However, what you mentioned is a very valid point since many people don’t seem to understand the fact that you just said. I’ve witnessed crazy stuff on roads including a Toyota Echo trying it’s best to beat a BMW Z4; and Accord 2.4 doing crazy stunts to catch up with a Corvette!

  14. get a lumina SS or CR8 if you want to have a sports sedan 🙄 and for the echo… maybe lancer EVO X. woould be better. is there a sports tuned car in echo’s/yaris’ class?

  15. infact. dont even get the SS and CR8. get the aston rapide, Porsche Panamera or Lambo Estoque!

  16. Author

    To race with Echoes, there is the Clio Sport and the 207 RC, both temptingly affordable.

  17. yeah. clio sport…

  18. to race with echo, my mountain bike is enough!! 😆 😆 😆

  19. haha good one! :mrgreen:

  20. agree…that those cars are not build for racing…but let me tell you something…the abilities of those cars are much better than what you think…sometimes the power of those cars are this and enjoy…i liked the sound :mrgreen:

  21. Author

    Racing with a limo. I like this one better:


  22. thatsit(mohamad), dont believe those videos, caprice v8 is much stronger and faster. caprice has that high terque at low engine’s speed.
    if you test-drive a V8 Caprice, you will definitely hate driving altima and G35.

  23. mash…did you understand what the guy was saying…its so funny man…i know this video…and actually was just trying to be funny instead of real racing…

    and assassin…please…i will not believe you, not the video. and please…talk about the altima…but dont say G35…you dont know the car then dont assume anything…BTW…i know the caprice V8 engine and i tested one….and i wont hate driving the altima and the infinit because i know where the true performance is…the FX 50 is just a prove what nissan can do with a V8 engine…

  24. thatsit, you should study more about how the engine acts and refined, 0 – 100km/h, max hp and max terque are not shoing everything.
    and the FX50s is a prove that nissan can not do better than american in its class.
    i’m with you, nissan is better to me than american, just because of its better resale value. but if you talk about the real cars, those big V8 engines in american cars are better.

  25. no no ….You guyz dont know anything about cars…TOYOTA YARIS 1.5 is the bestttttttttt & most powerfullllll!!!! It has all the max torque, max hp and max acceleration u need!!! 😆 😆 😆

  26. vivek, i wont say anything except, HAPPY HALOOWEEN :mrgreen:

  27. today is a bad day to me, before 2 hours i stupidly raced with a X5 in street, the problem started when i tried to entre a hard right turning with the same speed that the x5 did. i lost the control and then jumped into the sandy area beside the street. thanks God, nothing wrong happend to my heavy elephant.

  28. what have you got? pathfinder?

  29. be careful bro..LC is an SUV afterall; and X5 has far better on-road handling!! the way, doesn’t it have VSC? or is it tat, only the 4.7 VXR has it?

  30. only the full-option VXR got it.

  31. looooool…assassin you are telling me that i need to study more about engines…please man…what do you call what happened with you when you raced the X5…loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool…this is what i call’using your head’….BTW: why you raced the X5…dont tell me just for try 😆 😆 😆 😆
    leave the X5 for the FX35 looool
    question for you assassin: what is the HP for the new lumina SS…and what is the size of its V8 engine…waiting…looooool…

  32. well, assassin. LC200 vs X5. You had lost before even starting!

  33. hard questions man 😕 i dont know the answers.

  34. but if itz the full option v8 LC wid X5, things will b a l’il diff..aint it assassin?? 😉

  35. ^^^

  36. vivek, i dont think the VSC would help in a heavy tall car.

  37. having something is always better than having nothing! 😉 …and by the way, does leaving the traction and stability control on while doing acceleration test make much of a difference???..when i tested my mazda, i nevr bothered to turn off the traction & stability control!..if it does make a diff, thn probably tatz y i got worse numbers; and i’m stupid!! 😡 😡

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