Italian police get new Lamborghini Gallardo

Italian police get new Lamborghini Gallardo

The Italian police were already using two Lamborghini Gallardo patrol cars, donated to them by Lamborghini themselves. Those cars are now “old” models, so to renew their free-rolling-advertisement, the carmaker has now handed over a new Gallardo LP560-4 to the local Polizia.

These cop cars come complete with roof lights, siren, radio and other police equipment. It is primarily to be used as emergency transport for organ donations, as we suspect it’d be too expensive to damage it in a car chase.

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  1. why not donate these machines to Dubai Police :mrgreen:

  2. wish this happens here in the middle east

  3. italy best country…

  4. that is the way to solve a problem in a country that makes Ferrarri and Lamborghini.

  5. whats use is a car like this anyway?I’m sure beemers that the police use here can touch 200 kmh and this lambo is only gonna be able to run about on the paved roads. its just for status…

  6. This thing is pimp. It is the coolest car ever. 😎 😎

  7. sammy steriorids

  8. I guess the Italian police decided to get one Lamborghini instead of 3 sinks and 2 rolls of toilet paper with tax money ……. 3 sinks and 2 rolls of paper sounds about to be the right cost out here in new jersey U.S.A 🙂 I would love to be able to hing tax money like that !

  9. this is the coolest car ever man
    may be they will get the chance to keep

  10. they donated lamborghini to italian police because lamborghini’s orgin is in italy … they can make their country famous

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